Thursday, June 7, 2012

Back to Work

I can't believe I haven't updated my blog in so long.  It has been almost a month...and what a month it's been!

I started back to work last week.  It has been a journey.  People ask me if it's hard to leave Kendall during the day, and the answer to that is no.  There were no tears shed on my side going back to work.  We have such a great system with her therapists, and beloved nurse, Angie, that Kendall hasn't missed a beat in her routine.  In fact, honestly I can say that when I come home I'm a better mom.  I've always said I was a better mom when I'm working, and I believe that still holds true.  I'm better with time management, prioritizing, and organization.  I am a people person.  I enjoy being out in the world.  Taking a shower in the morning, and actually putting make-up on has made me feel human again.  Staying at home was extremely hard for me...even with help.  There's always something to do...closets that need to be cleaned out, baseboards that have accumulated dog hair, loads and loads and LOADS of laundry.  And don't get me started on how Pinterest has stressed me out and made me feel completely inadequate!  Long story short, going back to work has been an answer to prayer.

Now, without going into detail about what I'm doing...I will say I have had a bit of an emotional journey with it all.  I have a burning desire to advocate for families that are in situations similar to what we found ourselves in during the dark days of diagnosis with Kendall.  For me, it's more of a calling than a job.  But during the past few weeks in the standard trainings and modules on company policies, I've found myself extremely frustrated with the system...and the training on patient rights and stories about abuse to children and people with disabilities just about set me over the edge!  There were many, many tears shed that day.  But I think I am getting tougher, and I am certainly learning a TON!

My dear husband has been out of town on vacation for a was just bad timing...but he comes home tomorrow, so I'm hoping I will gain some sanity again this weekend. 

The kids are enjoying summer with Kamden in a lot of camps, and Kendall doing Yoga in the living room!  It was reported to me today she sat unassisted (but with our nurse right next to her on the floor) petting the dog for 45 minutes!  That girl has come so far!!!  And our OT is working with kineseo tape on her mouth and I watched a video of her wrapping her lips around a straw and sucking.  Very exciting!

My parents, as always, have really stepped up to the plate to help me this week!  My mom has made dinner the past four nights, and my dad is here every morning until our nurse arrives and helps out during the day with Kamden.  In the afternoon my mom swims with Kendall and reads to her.  Truly, it takes a village!  But we are sooooo blessed and thankful to have the one we have :)

I'm happy.  My kids are happy.  Life is good.

(and I'll end on that note and save the details about my endeavor to change some of our school district's "policies" for a later post.....never a dull moment!)

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