Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Hot Mess

Pretty much describes my life right now!  Lets go down the list, shall we?

-My mom's cancer is back and she had surgery yesterday with a less than desirable result...
-I had a car accident during work.
-My son has pneumonia.
-I dropped one graduate class and am treading water in the other.
-When I'm at work all I can think about is home.
-When I'm at home all I can think about is work.
-I haven't been to the gym in like a month or more!

I try to be positive...really I do.  Life could/and has been so much worse.  This too shall pass.  Eventually.  But I would really, really like to get out from under this black cloud sometime in the near future.

Enjoy the random picture montage:

I need a vacation. And a stiff drink.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer School


I honestly can't believe I haven't blogged in so long.  I feel like I have been in a bit of a twilight zone.  In the aftermath of Kendall's seizure drama, I think I've been very consumed with work and not really acknowledging that we almost lost our girl.  It was a very. close. call.

I guess I've been on auto pilot.  The days just keep flying by and I'm not doing a lot of over thinking.  Honestly, it's been a welcomed distraction.  With that said, my emotions vary each day.  Today was one of those "over-thinking" days.  Should I be working?  Am I really doing what I'm called to do?  When I think about my kids during the day, I get a lump in my throat.  Being a working mom is tough.  Being a working mom when your child has a shorter-than-average-life-expectancy creates even more guilt.

I know Kendall is in amazing hands during the day.  I know each day I am making a difference in families who are where we once were.  I'm literally getting paid to pay it forward....but in the throws of doing that, am I short changing my own kids?  Was it too soon?  Ugh.

Moving on....We received sad news last week that my mom's cancer is back.  Her surgery is scheduled for July 23.  Just when you think you're out of the woods.....bleh.  Please keep her in your prayers.  We are praying that it hasn't spread into her bones or lymph nodes, and that the surgery doesn't involve the plan B.

Kendall Ann started summer school this week.  Extended School Year is an ARD committee decision....and for Kendall her loss of self-feeding skills and emerging skills with her communication device qualified her.  (The fact that the two of those things are reciprocally responsible for each other  is a whole other post!)

This was her first experience on the bus.  Things have gotten better, and thanks to her VI team creating a book about riding the bus, she continues to warm up to the idea.  It was reported to me (SINCE I"M WORKING AND CANT BE THERE TO SEE FOR MYSELF) that she's gotten better and shed less tears. 

Enjoy the photos.  I promise to post again soon when I'm in less of a funk :)

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