Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Hot Mess

Pretty much describes my life right now!  Lets go down the list, shall we?

-My mom's cancer is back and she had surgery yesterday with a less than desirable result...
-I had a car accident during work.
-My son has pneumonia.
-I dropped one graduate class and am treading water in the other.
-When I'm at work all I can think about is home.
-When I'm at home all I can think about is work.
-I haven't been to the gym in like a month or more!

I try to be positive...really I do.  Life could/and has been so much worse.  This too shall pass.  Eventually.  But I would really, really like to get out from under this black cloud sometime in the near future.

Enjoy the random picture montage:

I need a vacation. And a stiff drink.

Untitled Untitled Untitled Big girl float Untitled Untitled


Anonymous said...

Life can be so tough sometimes. I will pray for your mom. You need to take some time to RELAX

Celia and Leo said...

It always seems to pile up all at once. Have the stiff drink anyway...no need for the vacation for that. THen, you need to take at least 1 full day off for yourself...ASAP!!!