Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Weekend

It was a great weekend...(and I'm not just saying that cause Sarah Palin stepped down...and there's a chance we won't have to look at her or hear from her anymore...her last speech pretty much pushed me over the edge. WHAT?!?! Its my blog, I can voice my opinion whenever I want!!!)

No, it was a great weekend because Kendall went back into ketosis, and she's been doing much better on the diet. Last night we were playing Rock band and she was in her stander singing backup for a long time. She has been so alert and vocal, and rolling like crazy! And seizure activity has definitely decreased. Not completely gone, but definitely improved.

Kamden and his buddy next door decided to have a lemonade stand on the golf course yesterday. We had no idea there was a tournament going on...and they ended up making $39!! That's a lot of lemonade. I was so proud of my little entrepreneurs. They pushed through the heat and some boredom in order to make a profit. They were quite proud of themselves. And I must add, their marketing strategy was impressive.

Saturday night we had Caleigh, Holly, and Eric over to swim and cookout. We enjoyed ourselves so much. We are so lucky to have a family we can relate to....and enjoy hanging out with!

I'm sure Holly got a better picture than I did (she has mad photography skills you know!) But this picture of Kendall and Caleigh made me laugh. Caleigh is extremely interested in Kendall's lady bug!

I took a bunch of videos on my camera of Kendall's new found movements and voice, but I haven't been able to upload any videos to Blogger...It just loads and loads and never posts. Any of you having the same problem? Any ideas how I can fix it? I want to share Kendall in action!
We have a Neuro appt. tomorrow, so keep us in your prayers this week!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dentist and Eye Dr.

I guess I should start off by apologizing about the seizure video. I can't get it to upload and have lost my patience trying to figure it out.

The seizures are still there, and Kendall is slipping out of Ketosis. She is now in the moderate range so we are watching it and will hopefully know what to do by tomorrow. We've been following the diet very closely without any slips, so I don't know what could be going on.

Kendall went to the dentist for the first time yesterday. Everything looks good. Apparently she's about to cut 6 teeth all at the same time. I was also surprised to see she has already cut a molar. I've been worried about discoloration on her front two teeth, but he seems to think they look alright. We know she needs to be off the paci and the bottle, but we pick our battles with this one! I'd take a bit of tooth decay over a feeding tube. We will just start to brush her teeth more after her bottles...even though she doesn't have any sugar or juice. Guess we'll add that to the mile long routine we have for Kendall in the morning and night.

We went to the eye dr. this morning. He said everything has healed well, and we will just take it a day at a time. Our Pediatric Ophthalmologist is wonderful. He has said from the beginning we will do everything we need to give Kendall the best possible vision. But he (like the geneticist) is at a loss of what the cataracts have to do with the stroke. Apparently they are separate issues. We hit the "unlucky lottery" more than once. Nothing really new today, so I'll take that as good news.

Kendall's therapies are going to be vamped up in the next few weeks. We are adding speech and OT at Cooks in addition to ECI. We need a little more than what they are currently offering.

That's that. Please keep her in your prayers for no seizures.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Seizure Video...

I've received a bunch of e-mails recently asking what Kendall's seizures look like.

Its not exactly something I want to video tape and remember...

But here's a little video of Kendall's seizures right now. She tends to have more clustered in the morning than at night, but tonight she had a few stragglers so I caught them on video. I was hoping to take a video of her rolling, but instead I caught these. I think there's only one significant one and the rest you have to look closely for them. On Monday in the hospital she had big ones pretty much every other minute. We had a tally of 34 in an hour.

There's only a few and they're pretty mild. If you don't have any reason to watch this video, I wouldn't. I don't watch seizure videos cause they are really upsetting to me. But if this can help someone in the early stages trying to answer the question like we did so many times " was that a seizure?" then I guess its worth posting.

Hopefully soon I will have a video of her rolling. She gets so proud of herself and I get chills every time.

She is still adjusting to the diet. She's been pretty floppy and tired, but I guess I would be too if you took away my carbs. I know it will even out soon. I'm remaining optimistic. This is going to be the thing that works! (since it is by far the hardest, most time- consuming thing I have ever done!)

So without further sleepy baby girl and a few nasty seizures...

Saturday, July 18, 2009


We've settled in since we arrived home. We're starting to get the hang of things (never mind the 3 hour shopping trip to Target and our experience in GNC listening to the 17 year old behind the counter tell me the Ketogenic diet sounded sketchy...anything that would recommend Saccarhin...a cancer causing poison...should be illegal according to him.) It took me 48 minutes tonight to prepare Kendall's formula and 2 25 calorie snacks for tomorrow. I'm sure it will get better and our next shopping trip won't involve my 8 year old checking labels as I read off the approved ingredients...or talking to strangers in the isles about where on earth to find liquid saccarhin. *by the way, we ended up getting approved 0 carb sweetener that is derived from a plant.

Kendall is eating. She loves the KetoCal and the "egg nog" heated into a custard. She also loves jello and cream and turkey, mayo, and cream. She loves them so much she cries when the 2 bites of the 25 calorie snacks are finished. I do believe it is time to replace one of the formula feeds with solids.

I mentioned before that I read "Blue Sky July." I savored every word of it. It was touching to me on so many levels and I didn't want it to end. I felt like a new world had been opened up to me when I finished it. I felt hopeful for Kendall and our future. I felt validated in all of my emotions the past 14 months. Things were definitely put into perspective for me once again.

Throughout the book she spoke of "patterning" quite a bit. I have not had a lot of time to research this (by the way, I don't think "googling" something counts as research!!! I think its helpful, but I also think people should be leery of reading things on the Internet that are not research based!)...but what I was able to read really got me thinking outside the box.

I have never really been an "alternative therapy" type of person. Until recently.

Our experience in the hospital and being grouped into a category really got to me. So, this "patterning" really spurred my interest. Up until now, I have kind of left Kendall's therapies to the experts. I trust their decisions...Don't get me wrong, we work with Kendall EVERY.SINGLE. DAY. at home. My mom has turned into the best PT! And Justin, Kamden and I work with Kendall every chance we get. Its just that, we're not professionals. We don't have the schooling or experience working with kids like Kendall! But I do have common sense. (most of the time!)

Patterning is based on the concept that a child should learn movements in the same order that a normally developing child would. Like, repeating the movements of crawling before walking, etc.

When I taught 3rd grade for 5 years at a school that was 90% economically disadvantaged, one of my main frustrations was we were expected to have children who couldn't read pass the stupid TAKS test. My lovely state of Texas and its "No Child Left Behind Act" pressured teachers to focus on the test instead of the child. Our wonderful politicians (TOTAL sarcasm) tend to be motivated by dollar signs, as do our text book companies. Leaving the teachers with their hands tied. One of my main factors in leaving the teaching profession was how emotionally draining this became. I often asked why we were focusing so much on the test when these kids couldn't even piece together words. Shouldn't we teach these children to crawl before we expected them to run??? Common sense, right? Shouldn't we put more money into early intervention for the schools that needed extra help instead of the schools who already had what they needed??? ugh.

So why then, do I have Kendall standing in a stander? Why am I not focusing more on the steps it takes to get her there naturally? I remember learning how to wake board. It took me a really long time to get the hang of it. My muscles were learning something new, but after repetition, it eventually came full circle and became second nature. It seems like common sense to me that "patterning" would be the way to go! Creating new pathways for her brain. Rewiring the areas with broken pathways. I get that some kids don't have families that will work with them every day, but in Kendall's case, we will. SO why is this considered "alternative therapy?"

I have not read the books from The Institutes. Things that sound "cultish" kinda scare me. This write up on Patterning also makes me question its validity. But I'm starting to think that it is my responsibility to gather all the information and find what is right for Kendall. Its up to me. Our team of therapists and Dr.'s are great, but they don't know her the way I do. At all. They see her MRI's and EEG's and think of things in statistics. Maybe I've been guilty of that too. Maybe I have just accepted the things they've told me...but not anymore. Kendall deserves more.

I'm not going to run out and throw away our standers, chairs, adaptive aides. I truly don't know how I would function without some of this stuff, but I do think I need to take a step back and get back to the basics. I will also be exploring new therapies and options. (and praying the seizures stop completely so therapy can have an opportunity to make a difference)

This will be a full time job...

But my kids are the MOST important thing in my life and I will do what it takes to make sure they have the best.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Home Sweet Home...and HOPE

We are home. Kendall is doing remarkably well. She's back to her old self again. Smiling, laughing, singing. Her glucose and ketones are all where they need to be. Praise the Lord!

While in the hospital...Kendall rolled for the first time. I cheered, jumped up and down, and hugged our nurse!

There is one Nurse Practitioner there who has never given us anything but bad news and negative thoughts. By the way, she has never even examined Kendall. She doesn't know her personality, her eating abilities, or her true overall tone. Yesterday morning she told me we may need to consider a G-button to administer Kendall's medicine more easily. Of course this made me come unglued. Kendall eats. It may take a while, but she eats, even her medicine, eventually. Putting a direct line to her tummy "to make something easier" is out of the question. Completely out of the question. Again, eating is a strength for Kendall. How dare she? She also said early on she thought Kendall would need a trach tube to control her saliva. By the way, she doesn't even drool. I'm sure I'm being too hard on her. I'm sure she is just basing this on the statistics of children like Kendall. But Kendall is the exception. This nurse doesn't know that. But we'll show her.

Yesterday was a bit chaotic. We had to get her home, unpack, deal with the dogs, prepare her formula with our new scale, drop off prescriptions, get to the grocery store, etc. When I was getting her medication laid out for the week I realized the pharmacy at the hospital still had our Vigabatrin (since its not FDA approved and takes 1 week to get, I panicked!) Justin ran back up to Cooks to pick it up. Around 9:00 my "nerves were shot." So I poured a glass of wine and did a puzzle at the kitchen table with Kamden...then I was all good! I've missed my precious Kamden.

We were so blessed this week with the BEST Registered Dietitian. She was so sweet, soft-spoken, calm, and patient with my neurotic self. She gave us some great recipes to try and when I checked e-mail this morning, she had already e-mailed me a welcome home note and reminded me to e-mail or call her if we need to tweak anything. Its very comforting to know we're not alone! We CAN do this. I know it. I also have a good feeling about seizure relief. Each day seems to be a bit better than the day before. I pray this continues.

If it doesn't... in a month we will start taper off the Vigabatrin and begin adding Banzel. Ironically, one of my best friends is a pharmaceutical rep for the company that makes Banzel and she has been telling me about it when it was still in the pipeline. We shall see...

This week I read "Blue Sky July" by Nia Wyn (suggested by Calleigh's mom) It helped get me through my hospital insomnia. I will leave you with this quote regarding this mother's early experiences raising her son with Cerebral Palsy. She paints the picture of my emotions with Kendall perfectly.

"He gives the world an unbearable intensity.

His blindness gives me new eyes to see, new ears to listen to the languages of nesting birds and echoing arcades, new understanding.

Pain mingles with a profound sense of beauty. Carrying him makes everything burn brighter.

As we pass the running children who hold up their heads so easily, I realize miracles are so commonplace we barely recognize them anymore, and near the circles of mothers anxiously comparing milestones at the school gates, I see how we live in a time where normal is never enough,

and we are never full.

Joe gives me insights I could never have understood without him, and he gives me heartbreak.

To separate these two responses would be impossible. He is equally beautiful and terrifying."

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 3 Ketogenic Diet

We're hanging in there. But, I'm totally spent.

Nonny, Nonna, Kamden, Justin, Liz, (kristin came yesterday) and the Fenton family were among our visitors. The Fenton's definitely broke up the monotony of the day for us! They showed up with a gift bag of "Luau" toys and accessories for us. Our room is now decorated as the Hawaiian vacation destination we were dreaming of! It definitely brightened things up around here. They are the sweetest family in the world. They are our "kindred" spirits in that they have already traveled the road of raising a special needs child. They are so loving and unselfish...and just genuinely good people with constant words of encouragement.

Kendall is doing alright. She was able to eat a 25 calorie snack of sugar free Jello and cream. The spoon was different from the ones she's used to, so Nonny fed it to her with her finger! Whatever works.

Liz and I did a cheer for Kendall to poop. It worked.

Now she's asleep on Daddy's lap. She's fighting us on eating. Dr. Malik said the first step usually involves being lethargic...and in the second step she'd be cranky.

Our morning medicine routine is currently:
Vigabatrin 500mg
Folic Acid 40.5mg
Aspirin 40.5 mg
Keppra 2ml
Miralax 1/4 cap

Vigabatrin 750mg
Keppra 3ml

She's on a 4:1 ratio of fat to protein and carbs combined
She takes 4 oz of KetoCal 6 times a day
Gets her sugars tested 4 times a day
Ketones/blood in urine, etc... every diaper change.

Hopefully she will begin to exchange some KetoCal feeds for the recipes we've made for her. Hopefully soon. I'm afraid she's going to be over the KetoCal before too long.

So that's it for now. There's a chance we may get to go home tomorrow since she's doing so well Her seizures are still there, but its not like I expected it to work right away. One day at a time!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day Two Ketogenic Diet

2nd day down! Today was a better day seizure wise. Kendall is still not 100% yet. She's not talking near as much as before, but I think its cause her schedule is just off. She slept a lot today.

My mom, dad and Kamden came to visit early this afternoon. Kendall already had her leads removed and a bath so she was in good spirits. Since she was awake all night, she slept all day. Kamden and I broke free from the room to run him over to radiology so he could get his x-ray for his urology appointment next week. I figured we were here, so we might as well. In our exploration of the hospital I noticed sooo many kids that resembled Kendall. Granted went through Neurology to get to Radiology, but it was still amazing to me. Were have these kids been? Am I just now noticing them more because I also live it? I don't know. Its like when you buy a new car and suddenly you notice that same car on the road all the know what I mean? Just interesting.

Today got a little chaotic when everyone was here and we were trying to figure it all out. There was a communication breakdown between the Dietitian and the nurses, but it was cleared up, so no worries now. Just another reminder in a hospital that you have to watch EVERYTHING they do!

Kendall has been great though. She and I took a walk this evening and looked at all the artwork. Then we went to the food court so I could pick up some dinner (diet sunkist, salt and vinegar potato chips, and gummy bears.) We're now settled in for the night. There's a discrepancy on her glucose. My reader said 70. The tech's says 42...what to do? Once that gets figured out we'll hopefully get to bed.

Oh, and Kendall does have a UTI. She also has traces of blood in her urine. We started her on some Augmenten so hopefully that will kick it. Ho hum.

Thanks for all the well wishes. Night. update with words.

Oh, thank goodness. My computer for some reason has been acting up. The wireless strength here is not the best. I tried to re-post last night and was unsuccessful. But its working now!

So, Kamden made it home last night. He brought Kendall a gift (butterfly beanie baby) that he bought with his own money. He could have spent it on candy or rocks, but he thought of his sister instead. Such a sweetie.

Justin and Kamden went home around 7 leaving Kendall and I to figure it out on our own. It was the best thing for me because I have been forced to do everything. I can now check her glucose without blinking an eye. (That's a big deal for me since blood usually makes me cringe.)

Kendall is being a trooper, but poor baby. She's been through the ringer. She achieved moderate Ketone levels last night around 8. Getting her medication down was simple with her new KetoCal formula. Everyone here has been great. We had an amazing nurse last night. Kendall didn't look sleepy until about 12:30. She went down after a 5oz bottle. Then as soon as I shut my eyes, she was awake again. This game continued all night. She fell back to sleep around 3 and at 3:30 her nurse came in to check glucose again. at 4:30 she had blood drawn, then at 5 she was up for good. We gave her some orange juice because her glucose was down to 45. She seems better now.

Yesterday I mentioned my concern for the odor in Kendall's urine. The nurses agreed and ran some more tests. She may have a UTI so we will know more on that today. This frustrates me beyond belief since I have asked our Dr, and Nutritionist through ECI and the both said it was from the Pediasure. I just pray she hasn't been getting dehydrated. We've been very careful to keep her out of the heat. I don't know what else we could do. Hopefully since we are off Topamax now she will not be so heat sensitive.

My understanding is that Topomax and the Ketogenic Diet put added stress on the liver? or is it kidneys? I can't remember (sleep deprivation) But I think it varies by Dr. But quite frankly, I'm happy to be off it. It has never really helped!

Seizures have been really horrible. Yesterday her tally was over 110. This morning we are already up to 15. No wonder she can' t sleep. I hope to see improvements today. She gets her leads taken off in a few hours. That should help. At least then we can hold her, play on the floor, go for a walk, etc.

We will have to check her glucose everyday for the first month. The test strips for her urine test glucose too, but only in the urine, not the blood. I don't really get it all. I should probably get off the computer read the papers again. I am NOT a science person AT ALL!!!

Keep those prayers coming! Today is a new day filled with hope!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Another Update!

Day One Ketogenic Diet

I may go crazy. My Internet is extremely slow. Kendall is sleeping a lot. So is Justin. I can't stop eating. And we may have just found out my mom have more health problems. (as if she doesn't already have enough!)

You see, while we're here trying to get Kendall started out on the Ketogenic diet, we thought it would be a good idea to practice checking glucose on each other. Harmless enough, right?

Um yeah, so mine was 93 (great), Justin 96 (great), Roxie: 151 (not so great) The thing is the woman already has to get her 5th hip replacement in November and she's starting Interfuron (or however you spell it)soon after that. Type II Diabetes...not a great addition. Seriously!?!

At any rate, its been a pretty rough morning. Kendall hasn't had anything to eat since last night at 6:00. Our Dr. doesn't make her fast for 24 hours like some. We will be able to start the KetoCal as soon as the poor baby goes enough in her diaper so we can check her Ketones. we did meet with the Dietician and shared some of our concerns. One being, I do still want to be able to feed her solid pureed foods. Eating from a spoon has been a skill we have worked very hard on. I do not want to lose that skill.

Seizures have been really bad. After she woke up from a nap, she had a cluster of 37 spasms in an hour. I had no idea she was having them every 2 minutes. We had trouble giving her Keppra in water this morning, but she did take her Vigabatrin and Topamax with sugar free jello. That will be the end of the Topamax. She can't have it while on the Ketogenic Diet.

I was surprised to hear we also have to be mindful of lotions, sunscreens, perfumes, etc...that are scented. Apparently the carbs in them can be absorbed through the skin?! (maybe that's why I cant shed these last 15 pounds of baby weight even though I run my butt off...)

I'll update again soon. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow. Blogging this week will give me a break and help me summarize my thoughts. Any and all comments are welcome. I always learn so much from my blogging friends who have traveled this road already.

Til the next time...

Friday, July 10, 2009

Blast from the Past...

I couldn't resist. I was missing Kam so badly last night I decided to look through old videos. I'm posting these three for a few reasons.

1-I absolutely do not remember him being so little. Where has the time gone? This was taken before I even met Justin...when it was just Kamden, Cooper, and me! I think Kam was about 3 and a half.

2-I think it is miraculous how well he talked at such a young age. And look at the way he moves around! I definitely took for granted a child who developed normally! ( I won't start bragging about how he started reading at 3...)

3-Isn't he just the cutest thing you have ever seen? I want to kiss his cheeks (which still look about the same) right now! But I guess I'll have to wait until Monday when he comes up to the hospital:(


Well, we made it though another week.

Justin was gone for 3 days this week amidst my chaotic work week. I'm becoming quite good at going on no sleep and kicking on auto-pilot. That's not a special-needs mom thing...just a mom thing I guess.

Oh, don't let me fool you, I've pretty much lashed out at everyone I know this week. Sometimes things just get so overwhelming I flip out about the tiniest things:
Earlier in the week I walked to my next door neighbor's house to tell them their dog was at my door and I almost stepped on a snake. That pushed my anxiety level to its breaking point.
Oh, and my dogs are lucky to still be alive after marking their territory in Kendall's room. Chloe our lab is on medication for a staff she got a free pass.
Kamden has been gone longer than he's ever been away from me before, so talking to him yesterday and hearing him cry because he wants to come home totally broke my heart. 10 days is a long time for an 8 year old.
Needless to say, I'm frazzled. Or as my mom used to say to my sister and I when we were younger and in the car "MY NERVES ARE SHOT" (usually followed by her abrupt flick of the volume control... and silence from my the two of us)
Also, I guess I jinxed us. Kendall's seizures are horrible again. She's not eating, and she's been pretty stiff. She did sleep Thursday night after Calleigh and Holly came over to swim. She was worn out!
Have I mentioned how much I love the neck float? Kendall absolutely loves it, and it has become part of our night time routine. I love it too!
So here's to the weekend! I hope to finish the loads of laundry that have piled up, clean up dog hair (Chloe's shedding more than usual, and if you've ever seen a house with a black lab you know how bad that is) get my 8 mile run in, tie up loose ends at work, then pack for the week...I probably won't be blogging again until the hospital...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another Day in Paradise

Well, today was chaotic as usual.

My sister and I had to leave the house this morning at 6:00 for a meeting. A meeting my boss decided to show up for...not to help or anything...just to observe us and complete an evaluation. Guess it went well, but you never know. We did 4 round robins and my sister had one group and I had the other. Glad its over. I love talking. I love training. I love joking with people. I love having all eyes on me and being forced to think on my feet. I really love that part of my job. Just not 4 times in a row early in the morning.

I also love my sister. She is my best friend and my co-worker. She usually keeps a level head when I am in one of my moods. Today she tolerated my weaving in and out of traffic and road rage quite well... with only a few squeals and gasps. Kristin is my go to person, for good and bad news. We share a brain at times. (OK...a lot of the time!) And she often bears the brunt of my (more now than before) frequent bad moods. She loves my family and my kids love her. I'm honored she's my sister.

Kristin was in the car with me today as I frantically called our pediatrician's office over and over again. (apparently they take a 2 hour lunch) My mom called while we were eating lunch with our boss to tell me our PT this morning thought Kendall was wheezing pretty bad. This news paired with the news that the Nutritionist today said Kendall lost 12 oz. was really discouraging. I have this nagging feeling pretty much all the time she is aspirating. With a normal child, I would have chalked the wheezing up to allergies. With Kendall I freaked out immediately. So, off to the Dr.'s office we went again today. Fortunately after one breathing treatment it cleared. Our awesome pediatrician actually drew me a picture explaining what was causing the wheezing. So now Kendall is on breathing treatments for a few days...but thankfully no pneumonia or aspirating. Hopefully she will be back to "normal" again soon and begin eating and sleeping on a schedule. When we were leaving the Dr.'s office I thought things were starting to look up. That is until I broke down the wheelchair and it caught my big toenail and ripped it almost all the way off. (I said a few choice words in the parking lot of a pediatrician's office!)

Tomorrow we hope to go back to the lovely wonderland called the DMV (TOTAL sarcasm) and get our handicap parking sticker. Its not like we need it because I can't walk, but with Kendall getting so big and her head control so crappy, it isn't easy getting her out of the car and into her chair when in a tight parking spot. I have no shame in using it when Kendall is with me! Also, recently it has become more and more of an irritation to me when I see unauthorized people parking in them. It makes my blood boil. Not as much as the rude people at the DMV, but close.

Hopefully tomorrow will be less eventful and more routine...but I won't hold my breath! Hope you all are having a good week.

By the way, if anyone knows how to add a picture to a header please let me know. I spent way too much time last night watching the Bachelor and trying to figure that out.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Seizure Improvement...

Well, Kendall starts the Ketogenic diet in exactly one week.

Leave it to my unpredictable, beat the odds, just when you think you have her figured out, daughter, to have a major decrease in seizures after the hospital stay is booked, and her 7 prescriptions have been picked up from the pharmacy.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I pray this continues throughout the week. Nothing would thrill me more than to have to call the hospital and cancel the stay! Apparently the max dose of Vigabatrin was confused somewhere along the way. Instead of one pill, she should have been getting 1.5. So we have increased it the past few weeks and it seems to actually be helping. That and/or the Healing Prayer session Kendall had at church the other week.

She has like maybe 5 spasms in the morning, and a few spread out during the day, then like 5 clustered at night. Nothing compared to the 100+ we were up to.

I do think its time for another EEG so I will call today and see if we may be able to schedule one this week.

Please keep those prayers coming...extra this week.

I'll leave you with another picture of Kendall in her chair! And by the way, she loves the neck float even more now. She's like a different child in the water!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Day to Remember

Today marks our D-Day. One year ago to the hour, we found out our precious baby was going to have a lifetime of challenges.

But today I'm not going to think about that.

Instead I will remember this day as a day of possibilities. We received two thing today that have given us hope.

First, this morning our pediatric wheelchair was delivered and fitted for Kendall. We got a Kid Cart and it is fabulous. Kendall loves it. (even though when this picture was taken she wasn't in the best mood.) This will make trips to the grocery store, mall, park, zoo, enjoyable for our whole family. No more adjusting her every 2 minutes. We are just thrilled.

Then, this afternoon in our mailbox was our WaterWay Babies neck float. I ordered this thing yesterday and received it today!!! I first heard about it a few days ago from my friend Holly on Calleigh's blog. I thought it looked really interesting. Then after watching many videos on YouTube with the product I knew Kendall would love it! (by the way, Kamden came in my office when I was looking at the videos. He has since discovered You Tube and today I caught him watching a video on putting a lava lamp in the microwave!?! Guess its time to activate those parental controls.) Anyway, I had no idea how Kendall would react...see for yourself.

Today now marks new beginnings. Again, not the road we planned on traveling, but an adventure just the same. "True hope dwells on the possible."