Monday, July 6, 2009

Seizure Improvement...

Well, Kendall starts the Ketogenic diet in exactly one week.

Leave it to my unpredictable, beat the odds, just when you think you have her figured out, daughter, to have a major decrease in seizures after the hospital stay is booked, and her 7 prescriptions have been picked up from the pharmacy.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I pray this continues throughout the week. Nothing would thrill me more than to have to call the hospital and cancel the stay! Apparently the max dose of Vigabatrin was confused somewhere along the way. Instead of one pill, she should have been getting 1.5. So we have increased it the past few weeks and it seems to actually be helping. That and/or the Healing Prayer session Kendall had at church the other week.

She has like maybe 5 spasms in the morning, and a few spread out during the day, then like 5 clustered at night. Nothing compared to the 100+ we were up to.

I do think its time for another EEG so I will call today and see if we may be able to schedule one this week.

Please keep those prayers coming...extra this week.

I'll leave you with another picture of Kendall in her chair! And by the way, she loves the neck float even more now. She's like a different child in the water!


Bronx Cataldo's said...

Way to go Kendall.
Love her new wheels.
Think about doing the diet it would be great if she is in the 1/3 that has seizure control on just the diet and they could wean all meds. Finnian made huge improvment development on the diet but he still needs the meds but the improvment warrents keeding him on the diet.

Anonymous said...

All pretty good news in my book! Knowing she enjoys the water makes me smile!

Jessica said...

I love the new look!! Prayers are comming your way. Hope you guys had an awesome 4th, we missed being with family but my momma was in town with me so that was nice! We were thinking of you all....oh how Daddy loved his nephews!!

Ellen said...

She is so cute there! Isn't that ALWAYS the case, somehow, kids always improve before you take them in for care. I am glad to hear the seizures are abating.