Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another Day in Paradise

Well, today was chaotic as usual.

My sister and I had to leave the house this morning at 6:00 for a meeting. A meeting my boss decided to show up for...not to help or anything...just to observe us and complete an evaluation. Guess it went well, but you never know. We did 4 round robins and my sister had one group and I had the other. Glad its over. I love talking. I love training. I love joking with people. I love having all eyes on me and being forced to think on my feet. I really love that part of my job. Just not 4 times in a row early in the morning.

I also love my sister. She is my best friend and my co-worker. She usually keeps a level head when I am in one of my moods. Today she tolerated my weaving in and out of traffic and road rage quite well... with only a few squeals and gasps. Kristin is my go to person, for good and bad news. We share a brain at times. (OK...a lot of the time!) And she often bears the brunt of my (more now than before) frequent bad moods. She loves my family and my kids love her. I'm honored she's my sister.

Kristin was in the car with me today as I frantically called our pediatrician's office over and over again. (apparently they take a 2 hour lunch) My mom called while we were eating lunch with our boss to tell me our PT this morning thought Kendall was wheezing pretty bad. This news paired with the news that the Nutritionist today said Kendall lost 12 oz. was really discouraging. I have this nagging feeling pretty much all the time she is aspirating. With a normal child, I would have chalked the wheezing up to allergies. With Kendall I freaked out immediately. So, off to the Dr.'s office we went again today. Fortunately after one breathing treatment it cleared. Our awesome pediatrician actually drew me a picture explaining what was causing the wheezing. So now Kendall is on breathing treatments for a few days...but thankfully no pneumonia or aspirating. Hopefully she will be back to "normal" again soon and begin eating and sleeping on a schedule. When we were leaving the Dr.'s office I thought things were starting to look up. That is until I broke down the wheelchair and it caught my big toenail and ripped it almost all the way off. (I said a few choice words in the parking lot of a pediatrician's office!)

Tomorrow we hope to go back to the lovely wonderland called the DMV (TOTAL sarcasm) and get our handicap parking sticker. Its not like we need it because I can't walk, but with Kendall getting so big and her head control so crappy, it isn't easy getting her out of the car and into her chair when in a tight parking spot. I have no shame in using it when Kendall is with me! Also, recently it has become more and more of an irritation to me when I see unauthorized people parking in them. It makes my blood boil. Not as much as the rude people at the DMV, but close.

Hopefully tomorrow will be less eventful and more routine...but I won't hold my breath! Hope you all are having a good week.

By the way, if anyone knows how to add a picture to a header please let me know. I spent way too much time last night watching the Bachelor and trying to figure that out.


Holly said...

Sorry you had a crappy day! Geez, when it rains? Right? I hope Kendall feels better. Oh, and your toe! Let me know if you need anything :-)

I can design you a header too, no problem. I designed all of Caleigh's blog. We'll figure it out.

Here's what I wrote on the comments thing about the rear facing seat. Eric and I debated like crazy about it.....got to love anonymous commenters :-)

Anonymous- I had planned to leave Caleigh rear facing Forever after all my research, but that changed. I did have Caleigh rear facing up until about a week before our last hospital stay. With her dumping syndrome she was in a constant sweat with the 100 degree heat and blood sugar issues. It seemed to be worse in the car so we switched forward facing to make sure the air gets to her (Not the best air in the van). She was also throwing severe fits rear facing, arching and twisting her ankles into the back of the seat, even making the car seat move back and forth constantly. Since coming off of the seizure medicine Caleigh's head control is a lot better which makes us feel more comfortable with our choice. I'm a total advocate for rear facing, but for us we made the decision after a lot of thought regarding Caleigh's needs. Thank you so much for your concern for Caleigh and I hope other families get to read your message and learn of the benefits.

Cjengo said...

I am sorry that it seems like a never ending roller coaster of emotions, and dr appointments. Hang in there girl, and I am glad there is no pneumonia.

Val said...

I was just telling Justin about the dream I had about Kendall last night! She was bigger, and in her chair- like 5 or 6 and she wanted to make spaghetti and needed me to take her to the store to buy the fixins. Nevermind we were in an opera theater...

My dad, brother AND myself have all had breathing treatments a LOT. They are really good for the lungs, and ALL of ours are due to allergies. Tee tree oil or Eucalyptus oil sometimes helps calm the lungs.

Anonymous said...

Well, you COULD walk before you ripped your toe! Ouch! Get that special parking sticker!

You two are beautiful. What a blessing to have such a wonderful sister relationship.