Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Weekend

It was a great weekend...(and I'm not just saying that cause Sarah Palin stepped down...and there's a chance we won't have to look at her or hear from her anymore...her last speech pretty much pushed me over the edge. WHAT?!?! Its my blog, I can voice my opinion whenever I want!!!)

No, it was a great weekend because Kendall went back into ketosis, and she's been doing much better on the diet. Last night we were playing Rock band and she was in her stander singing backup for a long time. She has been so alert and vocal, and rolling like crazy! And seizure activity has definitely decreased. Not completely gone, but definitely improved.

Kamden and his buddy next door decided to have a lemonade stand on the golf course yesterday. We had no idea there was a tournament going on...and they ended up making $39!! That's a lot of lemonade. I was so proud of my little entrepreneurs. They pushed through the heat and some boredom in order to make a profit. They were quite proud of themselves. And I must add, their marketing strategy was impressive.

Saturday night we had Caleigh, Holly, and Eric over to swim and cookout. We enjoyed ourselves so much. We are so lucky to have a family we can relate to....and enjoy hanging out with!

I'm sure Holly got a better picture than I did (she has mad photography skills you know!) But this picture of Kendall and Caleigh made me laugh. Caleigh is extremely interested in Kendall's lady bug!

I took a bunch of videos on my camera of Kendall's new found movements and voice, but I haven't been able to upload any videos to Blogger...It just loads and loads and never posts. Any of you having the same problem? Any ideas how I can fix it? I want to share Kendall in action!
We have a Neuro appt. tomorrow, so keep us in your prayers this week!


val said...

This one is for Kamden-


I had a garage sale on Saturday and I was out there for almost 5 hours and I only made 24 dollars- and that was WITH the $10 dollars that I made off of Josh's coat (he didn't know I threw it in the sale at the last minute, tee hee hee.)

so YOU WIN, this time! Congrats on the Mad money skillz.

Edward said...

Jocie, last Sunday I had dejevu all. . over again. It took me back over twenty years ago when you and your friends had a lemonaid stand on the same teebox. I don't how much money you made back then but you were very industries. Kamden and Karl (aka Matthew)did a great job. I was impressed when one of the golfers said that she was impressed that the boy's were making money for themselves and Kamden and Karl informed her that the money was not for them, but for Kamden's sister who had CP. She went to her cart and came back with a $5 tip. Great kids. You should be proud of both of them. Keep up the super spirit you have and keep your blog rolling,I look forward to reading it every nite. Love, Mom and Dad.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jocalyn,
That WAS a nice weekend!

I'm very happy to hear the diet is effective for decreasing her seizures.

Did Holly tell you about meeting me for next week in Arlington? Hoping this will work out.


jamie said...

oh my gosh...what a cute picture! wish we could have made it :(

Cjengo said...

I am sorry we could not make it girl. It was almost 5 by the time we got home from the hospital. DID you see Em on the news??? We dropped off the boxes, did the interview, and toured the hospital. I wish we could have made it.

K D said...

So cute of the girls! and what a great son you have raised!

Cjengo said...

You ok? I sent you a text and an email. Busy week? haha. Hope you are well. I love the Lemonade stand.