Friday, July 10, 2009


Well, we made it though another week.

Justin was gone for 3 days this week amidst my chaotic work week. I'm becoming quite good at going on no sleep and kicking on auto-pilot. That's not a special-needs mom thing...just a mom thing I guess.

Oh, don't let me fool you, I've pretty much lashed out at everyone I know this week. Sometimes things just get so overwhelming I flip out about the tiniest things:
Earlier in the week I walked to my next door neighbor's house to tell them their dog was at my door and I almost stepped on a snake. That pushed my anxiety level to its breaking point.
Oh, and my dogs are lucky to still be alive after marking their territory in Kendall's room. Chloe our lab is on medication for a staff she got a free pass.
Kamden has been gone longer than he's ever been away from me before, so talking to him yesterday and hearing him cry because he wants to come home totally broke my heart. 10 days is a long time for an 8 year old.
Needless to say, I'm frazzled. Or as my mom used to say to my sister and I when we were younger and in the car "MY NERVES ARE SHOT" (usually followed by her abrupt flick of the volume control... and silence from my the two of us)
Also, I guess I jinxed us. Kendall's seizures are horrible again. She's not eating, and she's been pretty stiff. She did sleep Thursday night after Calleigh and Holly came over to swim. She was worn out!
Have I mentioned how much I love the neck float? Kendall absolutely loves it, and it has become part of our night time routine. I love it too!
So here's to the weekend! I hope to finish the loads of laundry that have piled up, clean up dog hair (Chloe's shedding more than usual, and if you've ever seen a house with a black lab you know how bad that is) get my 8 mile run in, tie up loose ends at work, then pack for the week...I probably won't be blogging again until the hospital...

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Cjengo said...

Well you know I understand about flipping out! I am sorry, hang in there.