Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day Two Ketogenic Diet

2nd day down! Today was a better day seizure wise. Kendall is still not 100% yet. She's not talking near as much as before, but I think its cause her schedule is just off. She slept a lot today.

My mom, dad and Kamden came to visit early this afternoon. Kendall already had her leads removed and a bath so she was in good spirits. Since she was awake all night, she slept all day. Kamden and I broke free from the room to run him over to radiology so he could get his x-ray for his urology appointment next week. I figured we were here, so we might as well. In our exploration of the hospital I noticed sooo many kids that resembled Kendall. Granted went through Neurology to get to Radiology, but it was still amazing to me. Were have these kids been? Am I just now noticing them more because I also live it? I don't know. Its like when you buy a new car and suddenly you notice that same car on the road all the time....you know what I mean? Just interesting.

Today got a little chaotic when everyone was here and we were trying to figure it all out. There was a communication breakdown between the Dietitian and the nurses, but it was cleared up, so no worries now. Just another reminder in a hospital that you have to watch EVERYTHING they do!

Kendall has been great though. She and I took a walk this evening and looked at all the artwork. Then we went to the food court so I could pick up some dinner (diet sunkist, salt and vinegar potato chips, and gummy bears.) We're now settled in for the night. There's a discrepancy on her glucose. My reader said 70. The tech's says 42...what to do? Once that gets figured out we'll hopefully get to bed.

Oh, and Kendall does have a UTI. She also has traces of blood in her urine. We started her on some Augmenten so hopefully that will kick it. Ho hum.

Thanks for all the well wishes. Night.

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Holly said...

Hey girl, get your doctor to write an order to use your glucometer. The hosiptal's sucks and that's what we had to do. Same thing with Caleigh, it was reading in the 30's for her when ours said 70's! Just annoying.

I'm glad your able to get of the room. That does wonders for the spirit. I'll be over in the area tomorrow so I will call and see about stopping by.

Hope ya'll have a good night!