Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Seizure Video...

I've received a bunch of e-mails recently asking what Kendall's seizures look like.

Its not exactly something I want to video tape and remember...

But here's a little video of Kendall's seizures right now. She tends to have more clustered in the morning than at night, but tonight she had a few stragglers so I caught them on video. I was hoping to take a video of her rolling, but instead I caught these. I think there's only one significant one and the rest you have to look closely for them. On Monday in the hospital she had big ones pretty much every other minute. We had a tally of 34 in an hour.

There's only a few and they're pretty mild. If you don't have any reason to watch this video, I wouldn't. I don't watch seizure videos cause they are really upsetting to me. But if this can help someone in the early stages trying to answer the question like we did so many times " was that a seizure?" then I guess its worth posting.

Hopefully soon I will have a video of her rolling. She gets so proud of herself and I get chills every time.

She is still adjusting to the diet. She's been pretty floppy and tired, but I guess I would be too if you took away my carbs. I know it will even out soon. I'm remaining optimistic. This is going to be the thing that works! (since it is by far the hardest, most time- consuming thing I have ever done!)

So without further ado...my sleepy baby girl and a few nasty seizures...

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Megan said...

For some reason, I can't see your video.

My daughter has infantile spasms too. It was a devastating diagnosis for us because before that we didn't know anything was "wrong." During the diagnosis, we also discovered that Ella has a congenital brain malformation, which is likely causing her spasms.

She is seizure free on ACTH right now, and we are cautiously optimistic. . . but as our neuro says, "her brain malformation will always be there."

However, just like you, I will not count my daughter out, and I will always hope for the best possible outcomes.

Kendall is a precious girl and you are a wonderful momma!!