Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Little off Topic...

“If we don’t change the direction we are headed, we will end up where we are going.” ~some Chinese dude.

The above quote was suggested by my dearest friend from college, Christian aka the cap’in. Christian has always given me a unique perspective on pretty much everything in my life. Including, but not limited to, getting my eyebrow pierced in college while he simultaneously had his tongue pierced. He has been there for me through break-ups, car accidents, fights with my mother, sister, girlfriends. He was always my date to sorority functions when I didn’t have one! He drove all the way to Arlington when Kamden was born and then back to Waco…in the same day. He’s the only man who could ever get away with calling me “fatty.” One of my only regrets is not going to Greece to visit him that last summer before our senior year. I am certain it would have changed my life! The memories I have with him make me smile when I’m in a funk. Our pictures are hilarious too. Christian and his beautiful wife Erin are expecting their first baby (a boy!) very soon. I know they will make the most amazing parents.
So, thanks Christian, for the profound quote, and all the memories. This is one of my favorite pictures, Kamden still gets a kick out of it. Chick-a-boom!

On a Kendall note, she had a very difficult time going to sleep last night, but once she fell asleep, she slept well. This morning Nonny came over to watch her. I was able to take a long jog in the park with my friend Jill. It was awesome to clear my head and enjoy the nice weather. I feel so much better about everything today. I’m ready to fight these darn seizures with Kendall, I just need to be rejuvenated now and then.

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