Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Unexpected Chapter in my Life...

So, a while ago....I did something I never EVER EVER thought I would do in this lifetime.

I bought....dun dun dun....


This was by far one of the most unexpected turn of events in my life. I'm sure I sound completely ridiculous to a lot of you, and that's OK with me. I don't expect everyone to understand.
But for me, my car has always been sort of my thing. I traded in a car back when I was a single mom and switched jobs from teaching third grade to sales. This decision was mostly because I was stuck in a really dumb lease, and driving up to 500 miles a week. The current car wasn't going to work for me much longer. But buying my car was also a symbol of my hard work. I had gone through a stupid divorce, kept my house, kept Kamden in his private pre-school, and was proud of being an independent woman. I loved my car. It got great gas mileage, and while it was really small, it served its purpose, and I always felt safe. Their service at the dealership was amazing. Free car washes and oil changes, not to mention any time my car had to go in for service, I had a loan car that 9 times out of 10 was nicer than mine! I loved that car. And a few months after buying that car, I got engaged to Justin :)
You know the rest of the story...
So, a few weeks ago, when I made the inevitable decision to trade my beauty in for something larger, a minivan was the smartest choice. An SUV would have been too difficult to put her in from her chair to her car seat. And I'm not getting any younger.

I haven't given up on the idea that Kendall will be able to walk some day. But realistically, a bigger wheelchair is in her near future. Adapting a minivan to meet those needs is really the only way to go. Her KidCart was a huge ordeal to fold up and place in the trunk. When she was in her car seat, the person in the passenger's seat couldn't even put the seat back far enough to remove their knees from the dash. And when my 6'5 husband tried to drive it, nobody else could sit behind him!

So, its done. I'm a minivan driver. I shed some serious tears at the dealership...for more reasons than just getting rid of my car. But, I'm over it now.

I have come to love my van. It's completely decked out inside. Kamden loves it. I have plenty of room for everything. The kids can watch a movie on one screen and play video games on the other. The bucket seat enables Kendall to be reclined, making her head control less of an issue. The solar screens pull down and I don't have to put sunscreen on her before we head out to a Dr.'s appointment! There's room in the floor for a cooler with insulins, so I don't have to take them inside everywhere we go! All in all, it was a good purchase! And I WILL get used to it :)

Next, I plan to drill holes in my high ceilings in my living room to hang her Ikea hammock swing. Vanity has gone out the window...practicality is my new thing!


Skye is the Limit! said...

Oh my!! How I keep saying I would never give in to a mini van, I went to a compact suv recently...I think I am getting closer and closer to a mini van :)
I have recently transferred over to "mom clothes" as I use to call them. I guess this is part of motherhood, I have been caught up in everything medical, motherhood hadn't hit me yet! ahha!

I LOVE your blog, have been following for a bit now, lovely family.

I also love the medical ID card you have for kendall. Where did you get that?!

jocalyn said...

thank you! we actually lost that bracelet at the hospital during her last surgery. i just bought another one at americanmedical they make some pretty cute ones, but they are very expensive after engraving and shipping:)

jocalyn said...

thank you! we actually lost that bracelet at the hospital during her last surgery. i just bought another one at americanmedical they make some pretty cute ones, but they are very expensive after engraving and shipping:)

Dixie said...

I think you will love the van. I had one for a rental once, and I actually liked driving it, the gas was good, and the kids loved it. You can get the car of your dreams when you retire.

TherExtras said...

"practicality is my new thing"

Love that phrase! There's a lot of happiness in practicality!


Anonymous said...

I just realized I am a mini van mom the other day and (kind of embarassing to admit) have been for a couple years - in my heart I am still 25 and drive a cool car, but in reality I am almost 46 and driving a mini van and working on adopting our 4 yr old foster daughter who happens to have severe cp - funny how life's journey is what it is and we adapt and love our lives mini vans and all!

Dannette (mom in Kansas who follows your blog)

Candace said...

I am laughing hard at this, Jocalyn! I always swore I would never own a minivan and two years ago when it was time for a new vehicle, Carl tried to convince me to get one but I refused! Now, here I am with a six year old in a huge car seat and a wheelchair and a walker and I am DYING for one! BTW I love your's that would be my dream vehicle! So happy for you!

Bronx Cataldo's said...

4 years ago we went form cramming 3 car seats in to the back of a Honda Civic to a mini van and it was the best move we did.
So lovey all the best with your new wheels and as we say

Many Miles and No Flat Tires with your new ride

Cjengo said...

Yep a minivan is in my future too! lol