Monday, April 25, 2011

Birthday Weekend

This weekend we celebrated Kendall's third birthday (the actual day is this Wednesday)

We had lots of friends and family over for the celebration. Kendall did well and enjoyed the day.





On Sunday, the kids enjoyed an Easter egg hunt in the front yard. I think Kendall was interested in what was going on, and seemed to enjoy the craziness of the ordeal :)





On Friday, Kendall was showing signs of a unrinary tract infection, crying every time she peed, and throwing fits of rage for no reason. During one of these fits, I yanked her button out and it broke. Just in time for the weekend. We were able to rig it to make it through though. Her urinalysis from last Wednesday came back positive for leukocytes, but none of her Dr.'s were available. Our pediatrician wrote a script for antibiotics, but wanted another sample to send off because the first wasn't sent off for cultures. We rushed around in order to catch a good sample. We did it between appointments and dropped it off in the hospital, while we waited for the surgeon on call to place her Mini-One Non Balloon button! (I've mentioned before...but this button is amazing! It held up for 11 months, without any issues, withstanding Nexium granules and all the pills we crush and shove through!) They fit us in, pulled the old one out, put a new one in, and then it tore apart! So, they placed another one and we were on our way. Another exciting start to a busy week.


Team Carter Jay said...

I just found your blog, and wanted to say hi! Oh the joys of G-buttons. I hope this one lasts longer for you! Love your blog!

Gilda said...

Wow, looked like it was a great party. And Miss Kendall is just so beautiful!

Candace said...

Sheesh Jocalyn! I am exausted just reading all that stuff! Here's hope that this button lasts! She looks so beautiful I her pretty dress!

Reagan Leigh said...

I'm so glad Kendall had a good birthday (despite the UTI & button drama)!! Love that dress!!! Too cute! I can't believe she's only 3!! I feel like I've been following you guys for much longer!! Hoping for a good week for the birthday girl!

Tara said...

Happy Birthday sweet Kendall!

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday Kendall!!

She looks adorable in her party dress, and looks like you put together a wonderful celebration!

Praying she has wonderful surprises up her sleeve in the year ahead!