Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sweet and Sour


"There once was a girl, who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead. When she was good, she was very, very good...but when she was bad, she was horrid." ~Mother Goose.


And that's my Kendall. Don't let her cuteness fool you.


She's a stinker.

She had an amazing day considering we had to get her up every 2 hours last night to check sugars to make sure her basal rate is right on (if you don't understand that, ask my 10 year old...he demanded an explanation, then proceeded to question me about it for the remainder of the day.)


Then it just hit. We were enjoying a beautiful spring evening, eating hot dogs from the grill, playing hide and go seek, then jumping on the trampoline. When it was time for Kendall to go inside and sit in her chair, get her meds, and have her last bolus feed for the evening, she "planked out." By that, I mean she stiffens up, arches, won't-let-you-no matter-how-hard-you-try, break her tone. She did the same thing to me last Friday leaving Speech therapy, when I tried to put her in her car seat. It is just a fit. Not dystonia, not CP, just Kendall getting mad. Totally the equivalent of Kamden at that same age sitting down in the parking lot of the park when it was time to go. Or the fit in the isle of the grocery store. Or pointing at me and yelling "NO!" when I asked him to get in the car.


I guess I should be glad she has the wherewithal to have an age appropriate fit....but she's way too big and I'm way too small to fight her. We finally let her cry it out on the bed, listening to music while waiting for her meds and feed to go through. We left the room. Let her scream. It got quiet, so I walked in to find her smiling with her brother who was suppose to be getting in the shower. He told me he couldn't bear to let her cry because she has "special needs."

Kendall knows how to work it.

Do I have it in me to not let her get away with it?!? Let's hope so.


A Journey for Joshua said...

Oh Jocie.
That question echos in my head often.
So, you try to stay as consistent as you can, and just remember if you'll fight these battles early on there's less war later.

But, man is it hard. Especially when there's other children involved. You're a wonderful mother and keep such a cool head.

Stay strong.

Cjengo said...

My mom used to say that same saying to me and I still repeat it to Emily :)