Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Chair and School Pics!

Things are going really well for our sweet girl right now. With the exception of some dangerously low blood sugars (which I blame on extra activity) she's been happy and healthy these past two weeks of school.

Last Friday we received Kendall's new manual chair. It is a Tripod LT. We still have to do a few tweaks, but she looks pretty good in it. It is heavier than her KidKart, but I like that it doesn't recline, or give her the option to not have to work on holding her head up. It keeps us all honest.


School is amazing. She loves her teachers and squeals every time we talk about going. She's also quite the social butterfly. Today when I pulled up to drop her off, the line of afternoon pre-schoolers were yelling her name and saying hello before we could even unload from the van. Kendall was beaming, I was beaming, and our nurse Angie was too!!

I'm so glad to have a team working with Kendall that shares my vision for her. She's happy, making friends, and being herself.

It's not all fun and games though. They are making her work. Hard. She tends to do more for others than she does for Justin and I. I guess that's typical 3 year old behavior. Yesterday was a landmark day for her. She took 6 steps in her walker down the hall from her classroom to her motor lab. I know she resisted, but they wouldn't let her give up. Everyone believes she can do more than she's letting on. She also put a puzzle piece in a peg puzzle. She's consitently coloring with crayons now everyday. She'll pick them up on her own and start drawing.

I'm expecting great things from Miss Kendall this year. I'm sure she's going to surprise everyone!





Of course, summer is still in full force in Texas. With our afternoons still hitting 100+ degrees, there's still loads of time for afternoon/evening swims:



Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Love the new chair sweet Kendall!Zoey has the same pink in a tiny miniature one!

Tera has been in contact with a woman that makes canopies for the chairs. Have you seen them? So darling. Zoey's chair is so tiny, we are, or rather Tera, not that she doesn't have plenty of other things to do, is looking into it for me.

Happy school days Kendall!

Debbie said...

Wow! She is doing such great things!

I totally dig the pink "accents"on her chair....very girlie!

TherExtras said...

Keeping honest - hehe - I'm going to find a way to use that logic sometime! Truthfully, tilt is not bad - people just overuse it. You have found a way out of that head-game and good for you! Good for Kendall!


PS LOVED the vacay photos!