Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Fun


This has been a very busy weekend for our family with fall activities!  And we still have two more days of fall festivals, a field trip at school, and trick-or-treating!

It is completely evident that Kendall has come a loooong way in the last year.  Her tolerance for outside and crowds is astonishing!  Her interaction and awareness of her surroundings and wants and needs is even better.

She did great at Daddy's work group family day at the zoo yesterday.  We came home for a quick nap and then took off to a friend's Halloween party.  There were tons of kids and Kendall was battling some high sugars (and a UTI diagnosed on Thursday)  so she was less than thrilled about pumpkin painting, cookie decorating, breaking a pinata, balloon animals, and face painting....yes, they had ALL of those things!  But she was very excited about the bounce houses.  She desperately wanted to bounce with all the kids.  Her brother laid down the law in the bounce house, and we put her in there.  Unfortunately, she only lasted a few minutes before totally freaking out. But, I would have freaked out too with a bunch of rambunctious boys bouncing next to my head and not being able to move away.   She cried the whole way home, but when we got home she did fine with the alternative, which was jumping on the trampoline.  I was a little bitter about the whole deal, but today I'm better.  We'll just continue to make adaptions for our sweet girl.  Really, what else can we do?






Jennifer said...

Wonderful pictures! Kamden is such an amazing big brother!

Anonymous said...

It seems that we are in a learn as we go type of parenting when it comes to our kiddos! I feel some sadness at things Meya can't do, but I also see the great things she is able to do and participate in, so I have to just remember that we just have to wing it and see what she can or cannot tolerate. It is hard though to not go down the sad path as I see others just tromp through life not knowing what our beautiful children go through each day. Oh well, onward we go as we forge through this special style of parenting.