Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mama Rock Me!

Thought I'd share the latest video of Kendall listening to Kamden play guitar.  Everybody loves a little Old Crow Medicine Show :)  (pause the blog music at the bottom!)  . 

Around 3:05 Kendall notices the camera.  And my girl loves the camera! 

Kamden turned eleven on Sunday while I was gone. We will be celebrating his birthday this Saturday with a few friends at Six Flags. The boys are convinced they will be able to see part of the World Series from the top of one of the roller coasters, since the ballpark is right next door! I'm not so sure, but they are still super excited

We go to ARD on Monday to review her AAC evaluation and set up the game plan.  I'm  bursting at the seams I'm so excited! 

Stay tuned...

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