Thursday, November 17, 2011


Sometimes it's hard to see the progress Kendall's making when you're around her everyday.  People who don't see her often tell me how far she's come (or how much her hair has grown!)  I try very hard to appreciate every "inch" stone she makes.  I think as a family we do a pretty good job of that. 

I stopped asking to read her goals the therapists write, or the notes from their visits.  But I do remember not long ago talking to her OT about holding crayons and markers at school.  I really never thought I'd see that...I'm sure that sounds horrible....but I'm realistic.  When she mentioned working on better form with holding a writing utensil, I thought her goals were a little unrealistic.

But today I was able to snap a shot of what we've been seeing from Kendall since the beginning of school. 

Not only is she holding the pen...she's also using her left hand to stabilize the Glow Doodle.  And she concentrates really hard while doing so! 

I'm a proud momma today! 



Mo said...

Love her sweet, still yummy baby-like cheeks in this picture. Nice job, Kendall!!

Jennifer said...

That's amazing!!! She looks so determined and interested too! I dream of the day:-)

Holly said...

Kendall is such a rock star! Love the determination she has!

Karen Owens said...

Awesome! Need to get Angela one of those -- never seen it before. LOVE the new header!

Tooz said...

I wonder if the Ipad is causing her to realize the importance of using those hands to communicate? I think we need to talk Santa or Uncle Sam into getting one for Alex--it really seems to make a difference.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed! Go, Kendall!