Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I definitely dropped the ball on a heart-felt Thanksgiving post this year. We certainly do have a lot to be thankful for though!

These past few weeks have been super, crazy, busy. Without nursing, my head has been spinning trying to juggle my family, home, school, and my first APA style research paper.  Of course the usual holiday break in routine has thrown everything off.

We had a beautiful Thanksgiving at Kendall's Nonnie's house. The food and family company was awesome. Kendall's Uncle Josh (Justin's brother) had a successful move from Kansas to Dallas, with Aunt Val soon to follow. Kendall has really enjoyed all the people around and good food...especially the good food. And Kamden and I are over-the-top excited about our upcoming Christmas break from school! Kendall on the other hand has really missed school, so she may be bummed when there's another break.

006 Aunt Kristin getting love from Kendall

016 Kendall Ann catching up on current events with Poppy...or, um, truck shopping.

In other news, Justin's truck was never found. Big surprise. So, he's knee deep in shopping for a new truck. And pretty excited about it. Kendall and I are excited about shopping for a new car seat. I think we've decided on the Britax Marathon that goes up to 70 pounds. I think it is the same model as the special needs one they sell (just a little smaller and a fraction of the cost.)

We recently ordered a Sleep Safe Bed too. I'm sure it will take a little longer for insurance/Medicaid approval, but maybe 2012 will be the year Kendall starts sleeping in her own bed. Maybe!


Anonymous said...

Insurance should pay for the britax special needs one- they did ours


Debbie said...

Love the pictures of your kiddos at the top of the blog....so super sweet!

Celia said...

the britax is a good seat but i would go on car-seat.org and ask if it would fit in your car. Another great seat is the diono radian

I hope she is still rear facing!

Jenny said...

I love that picture of Kendall and the newspaper! I think it's adorable. I'm excited to hear about the bed when it comes. I've recently been thinking "how long will Sammy be in a crib?" Maybe it's not important, but at some point she has to get out of a crib, right? hmmm Always something to think about.