Monday, December 5, 2011

Kamden's Christmas Song

Kamden performed his Christmas song on Saturday night.  His ability to compose music from scratch completely blows me away.  He is always walking around this house with that guitar thrown over his shoulder.  Music is his release.  If he gets mad you can find him angrily strumming away in his room.  When he's happy, he's jumping around the living room playing like a little rock star. 

And the bond he and his sister share through music is pretty amazing.  At the end of Kamden's song Saturday, she started crying because it was over :)

It was a great night.  My kids make me proud everyday!

I thought I'd share a few pictures of my babies....and of course a video of  Kamden's original Christmas song :)

I'll attach the words too.  In my opinion, the kid's got talent :)  Kendall agrees.



It was a very very still night.
The day their son was born.
Just one big star shining so bright, early that first Christmas morn.
But how were they to know, it'd be such a special day?
Mary's tears started to flow, while Joseph began to pray.

And the angels sang: Hallelujah.
And the sinners sang: Praise be to God.
And the wise men sang: Jesus Christ is born.

It's Christmas morn. It's Christmas morn.  It's Christmas morn.

It's a really simple message you see.
Based on that birth long ago.
His life will set us free.
As sinner's we need to know.
Our Lord sent his son to die.
So we can forever live.
He's such a gracious God.
Us sinners he will forgive.

And the angels sing: Hallelujah
And the sinners sing:  Praise be to God
And the wise men sing: Jesus Christ is born.

It's Christmas morn.  It's Christmas morn.  It's Christmas morn.

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Kim C. said...

What a beautiful song, Kamden is so talented. Kendall is such an inspiration, I can see why you are so proud. Thank you for your blog, I find it very inspiring for me and my daughter,who also has special needs.