Monday, April 2, 2012

Our New Addition...and Everyday Videos...

Things have not been the same around our house since we lost Chloe. Ironically enough, I was the one who missed her the most. To turn a very long story short, Kendall met a Therapy Dog named Chip with me the day after we put Chloe down. Of course, it made my wheels start spinning. What if we could replace our precious girl with another like Chip who doesn't shed, and has the temperment and training to assist Kendall in the future? So this past weekend we went out and adopted this cutie patootie.

IMAG0659 IMAG0673

Her name is Addie (Addison Paws Briggs). She is 10 weeks old. She's basically a mutt. Her mom was a poodle, and her daddy a lab, which makes her a first generation Labradoodle. In my humble opinion, she is the smartest puppy that ever lived. She already fetches (and returns it) and signals when she needs to go outside.  I'll leave out the most recent puppy behavior...where she tried to take Kendall's glasses off her face and attacked her pony tail :)  We plan to do extensive training with this baby girl to ensure she puts her smarts to good use. 


We've had some very warm days here of late, so have been outside quite a bit.  During a bunch of errands the other day, Kendall's sugar dropped pretty quick.  I took her back to the car to give her some juice, and she started a new game.  This game is now requested after every feed:

And this video shows how excited Kendall is for the summer and  the water to get warm enough
to swim in:


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Anonymous said...

When you train her- say to sit- use a physical signal that Kendall can do at will. We inadvertantly taught our very smart mutt to drop the ball, go up or down stairs...and a few others....because we gesture as we talk