Monday, December 24, 2012

Make A Wish

About a year ago, I looked into Make-A-Wish for Kendall.  Actually, I applied, then revoked my application because I really took issue in saying she had a life threatening illness.  If you've read my blog for a while, you know I have a really big issue saying Kendall has a Mitochondrial Disease. I kind of buried my head in the sand with it.  Anyway, after talking to family members and friends, I decided to apply again.  Kendall was granted a wish...

Kendall's most favorite thing in the whole world is swimming.  She feels free in the water, she gets to play with other kids, she gets a work out and it makes her muscles feel better.  In Texas we have warm weather from May to October...but when it cools off, it really cools off.  We never winterize our pool, but without a heater, it is definitely too cold to swim.  So, Kendall's wish was for  a hot tub to enjoy swimming when our pool is too cold. 

Our Make-A-Wish team was incredible.  They provided and installed the weekend after Thanksgiving (with crazy electrical work too) a beautiful Marquis Spa, pad, and cover.  We have the Wish model.  It fits five people comfortably.  The temperature can be adjusted quickly and easily.  It has two fountains and gives Kendall an entertaining light show when it's dark!  We have it positioned right off our patio, and it really becoming part of our routine!  In the evenings before bed, Kendall squeals when we talk about getting in the water. 

Make-A-Wish also took it to another level!  They came up with the idea to also provide us with a lift so we can get Kendall in the water and out as she gets bigger without any trouble.  We haven't installed the lift yet, because we've talked about moving the hot tub closer to the pool so the lift can be used for both the pool and the hot tub. 

I have loads of pictures on my desktop computer that I took with my good camera, but my poor desktop is in the shop, so these pictures on my phone are the only ones I have to share.




Clearly, Kendall loves it.  And the rest of the family does too!  We can make memories in our backyard together everyday! 

So, a huge thank you to Make-A-Wish for such an amazing gift.  We will surely get a lot of use out of it, and are forever grateful.


Cassie said...

That. Is. AWESOME! So excited for your family. :)

Barbara TherExtras said...

The BEST gift evah!