Saturday, January 5, 2013

Surgery and More Surgery

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Two days after Christmas we visited our Endocrine Clinic. Due to everything else going on in our lives, I was behind on her labs.  They ordered another Hemoglobin A1C.  I've been dreading this one, so I didn't hesitate tagging it on to Kendall's upcoming surgery.


On January 2 Kendall went in for her long awaited Intraocular Lens Implant (IOL) surgery in her left eye.  The anestehesiologist was amazing.  The best yet.  Instead of intubating her completely, she did an LMA (a tube that doesn't go as far in to irritate the esophagus.  Kendall tolerated the eye drops (and by tolerating, I mean she only screamed and arched the entire time.)  They left her insulin pump in for the 2 hour surgery. (huge shock...since it isn't hospital approved....but I won't go in to that!) She had labs drawn, her lens implanted, an exam done on her right eye, and a new g-button placed. Because her airway wasn't irritated, they didn't have to giver her any steroids.  Her sugar was great and we were on our way home 7 hours later. All in all it was an easy day.

Endocrine 12-27-12Endocrine 12-27-12 When we got home she was cranky.  Her sugars started to rise because of the stress of surgery, she ran small ketones, but we quickly whipped things back in to shape.  We thought she would sleep.  She didn't.  She screamed all night.  All night.

The next morning Kamden and I took Kendall in for her bladder ultrasound before her surgery follow up across town.  She's finished her latest antibiotic for her UTI, and we already had this appointment scheduled.  (Nothing like hitting your family deductible before the first week in January.)  After the ultrasound, we headed down the hall to be worked in with our Urologist.  They cathed her...and it just kept coming and coming.  She filled two sample cups with urine.  Clearly she has been retaining urine.  The ultrasound showed the same.  Her bladder was distended.  There was a lot of debris in it, (likely bacteria) and her kidneys were also dilated. Her HA1C was higher than it's ever been. Not good.  Long story short, we made the decision to proceed with the Vesicostomy surgery. 

A year ago, this was my worst nightmare.  Sometimes things get put into perspective for you though.  UTI's are miserable.  Cathing everyday is horrible too.  Something has to happen.  She deserves to not be in pain.

I've recently discovered that sometimes well-meaning teachers classify children and their cognitive abilities on whether or not they are potty trained.  I've heard things like "well...this child is in junior high, and not even potty trained."  Or believing they should work on life skills such as potty training before they have more academic goals...We recently ran into an issue where Kendall wasn't going to be allowed to attend a community activity because she isn't potty trained.  (Obviously, I didn't let that go, and she was able to attend...despite the receptionist's attempt to quote "state law"...laughable)  My point is, the vesicostomy will make it impossible for Kendall to ever be potty trained.  She'll always have on a diaper and she'll always be trickling out urine.  I have to be OK with that.  And I will.  It just may take some time.

Her surgery is scheduled for January 30, but there is a chance that it may have to be postponed until mid February.  We are going to do her right eye and botox at the same time.  Killing three birds with one stone.  I have a few weeks to let it sink in. 

I do love this little girl!!
Endocrine 12-27-12


Heather said...

Sometimes it is that accepting and being 'okay' with things that is the hardest part. Often hardest on our hearts. It feels like surrendering. And who likes that? But for me, sometimes, the being 'okay' with things leads to some unexpected peace.

I wish the same for you and for Kendall. some carefree, pain free, just being a darling girl, days. She deserves that.

Kim Dickenson said...

Oh wow....I just love what your friend Heather wrote...wish I had written it. We're all tough mommas with tough kiddos and we will all be okay.

ada remodeling said...

great... i love you!!

katy said...

You have such a beautiful family! I stumbled across your blog via type 1 diabetes--maybe you commented on a T1D blog I read?

I am really enjoying reading this! I probably shouldn't admit that it is the first time I've heard of a child who has T1D as a non-dominant part of their medical story.