Thursday, August 12, 2010

Neglected Blog

My poor blog has been neglected. But I'm thankful there hasn't been anything major to report since my last post!

Summer break is coming to a close. Kamden has been busy at zoo camp, and I have been busy driving him around. Thankfully my dad has helped share the I can be here for Kendall's daily therapies.

Tomorrow Kamden has a guitar performance, and this weekend we have the United Cerebral Palsy walk, as well as a couple birthday parties. So the chaos continues!

I seem to have replaced my blog addiction with "Words with Friends." It is ridiculous how a stupid scrabble knock off game can take over my life! There's been no time for blogging or sweeping up black lab hair...(priorities!)

I have also found myself completely immersed in a book I ordered about IEP's. Since I have an elementary education background, I thought I had the gist of it, but my eyes have seriously been opened to a whole new world of legalities and rights. I also have learned more about IDEA than I ever knew existed. It has put a fire in my belly to advocate for others. I feel in my heart that Kendall will be fine. We are so blessed with a great team through ECI, and our school district. But it breaks my heart to think about so many children out there who are entitled to more/better services than they are getting because they don't have someone pushing on their behalf. It is overwhelming.

I'll try next week to keep up with the blog a little better!


Anonymous said...

Whats the book called. We will be transitioning in 6 months and I am trying to get things figured out...


Cjengo said...

I am ADDICTED to scrabble on facebook, lol! I have games going with everyone. Kendall looks so alert in the picture, I love it!

bluee19 said...

Whats your username on words with friends. I love this game, only wished I had more time to finish the games. I am on the keto board, I think that's how I found your blog or from visiting caleigh's blog. I am a mom to a cp and epilepsy two and half year old from sunny ca. I am so glad regarding the good news about the EEG. I wish samantha was seizure free. Take care, nicole