Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Swallow Study

We loaded everything up and headed out to the swallow study that has been on the calendar for 3 months. Our SLP was concerned Kendall was aspirating on thin liquids, and wanted to have one done just to be safe. We thought there may be a possibility she would need to thicken her liquids. She had stopped working with Kendall on cup drinking because the past few times she was coughing after a sip...

I never stopped working with her on thin liquids ...

And Kendall's swallow study came back perfectly fine. I think it surprised everyone. The Dr. reading it has seen her before, and was very impressed with her progress. She has a very strong swallow. She didn't have any penetrations. The food went straight from the spoon down her throat. Her liquid went straight from the straw, pooled in the front of her mouth (a safe area) then went right down.

Once again, I left an appointment with a skip in my step, and a smile on my face!

We talked a lot about the swallow study with her the past few days. I knew she'd be nervous once we got in there, but I had explained what was going to happen. We decided in the room before hand it would be better for me to let her sip from a regular cup or drop liquid from a when I pulled out the sippy cup for her to try during the test, she had a meltdown. Thankfully it was right at the end! That's the last time I try to pull one over on her!

During the consult before the contrast study, she told the SLP from the hospital on her iPad "Goodbye" and "I'd like you to leave now."

I would have chalked that up to a fluke and her just pressing buttons, but it took three screens and crossing midline to make that happen! And she did it on her first try.

I think she's getting a bit of an attitude. NO IDEA where she gets that!?!?

I'm happy to end the week on a good note. It's the end of my week because my amazing, generous, awesome sister is taking me to Austin tomorrow for a spa weekend! I'm so freaking excited to spend the days without looking at the clock. I plan on relaxing, shopping, reading, running by the lake, and being pampered! All I have left to do is make Kendall's meals, freeze them, and get Kamden's stuff ready for school on Monday! Then I'm a free woman until Sunday!

Justin graciously took off work Friday to hold down the fort (with no ulterior motive whatsoever.....except that hunting season is right around the corner!)


Mo said...

Yay for a great swallow study and for you not giving up on liquids!! Good for both of you! ;0)

Anonymous said...

What an upbeat post! I mean, you are leaving Justin with such a competent girl - swallowing and communicating (with a natural-born attitude)! Hunting Have a wonderful weekend! Barbara

Anonymous said...

You are the most amazing mother and woman I have ever known! Way to go Kendall!!

Cathy said...

I hope you have a wonderful time!!
I remember you posted a while ago about the Toys R Us "special needs" toys catalogue. The Toys R Us in South Africa are wanting to doa similar things and a friend of mine who is an OT is working with them on it. I discussed my issues with her about the catalogue and she has asked me for any feedback to ensure what they do this time around is appropriate. I would really appreciate any input from you or anyone else that we can give to them.

Cjengo said...

That's awesome. Jude has pretty much just quit eating, it's so odd.