Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rested and Home

My sis and I had a wonderful trip. We spent the majority of the days relaxing. I finished "Schuyler's Monster", "Shut Up About your Perfect Kid", and started reading "Blue Sky July" again...because I love it.

We had great food, relaxing massages, scenic walks and runs, and were pampered by the pool in 105 degree heat. They laid your towels down for you, and refilled your waters without being asked. I could definitely have gotten used to all the fresh fruit and delicious coffee each morning and a big, comfy robe to lounge around in. My bed at home is pretty hard to beat, but this one came close...

But even though I was blessed with 3 nights of uninterrupted sleep, and great laughs with my sister, I was happy to be home. I missed all my babies.

Kamden started school on Monday. I missed the first day of school last year because we were in the hospital discovering Kendall had diabetes...but Grandad took pictures! His first two days of 4th grade have been great. Getting back in the groove of drop off, pick up, and finding energy for extra curricular stuff (Karate and guitar) has been challenging, but so far so good. Kamden also has a new desire to pick out his clothes and not cut his hair...hmh.

Kendall's in the throws of a busy week again. Her skills on the KidWalk are improving by the minute. She took several steps in the living room today and seems to be enjoying the upright position. I'm very ready for it to cool off so we can take her outside with it again. Until it does, pool time is front and center right now. She moves like crazy, and can usually tolerate the water longer than me!

Our drop in ratio begins next week. I have my work cut our for me changing all our recipes on the KetoCalculator and re-printing my binder full of current 3.5:1 ratios.

I'm glad to have some routine back in our lives. I'm definitely the type of person who needs structure to get things done! I feel like this summer was just a lot of fun and not very productive...but I guess that's what it should be :)

Now, bring on the fall weather.


ANewKindOfPerfect said...

That's great that she's figuring out the walker! :) I have read all three books you posted about. Love Blue Sky July!

Cathy said...

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Maria said...

Were you emailing me while on vaca? I am sorry! Welcome home and glad to hear your kids are great :)