Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year

We had a great New Year's eve with our friends, and a super New Year's day with our family. Justin has FINALLY :) gone back to work, Kamden's gone back to school, Christmas decorations are put away, and my house has resumed it's normal peacefulness between 12-1 when Kendall takes her nap. The only sound to be heard is my snoring dog. It is beautiful!

I've decided not to make any new year resolutions this year. I'm starting my classes in a week and that should keep me extremely busy. I'm sure I'll be treading water for a little bit as things fall into place, but I seem to do best under pressure. I decided to knock out Braille first (which has a reputation of being incredibly hard) along with a survey of exceptionalities (which shouldn't be too foreign thanks to all of my blogging friends!)
Kendall's doing really well. Her insulin pump has made life so much easier. We've only had a few unexpected blows of her needle placement, but other than that it's been smooth sailing. Both Justin and I have gotten quite good at replacing the site quickly. I don't have to read the instructions that's a good thing. Kendall's button still looks pretty good. We have had the Mini One Non-balloon for about 8 months now, without any leaking or problems. She has a little granulation tissue developing I think because she's put on so much weight. So a replacement button might be in her near future. She has lots of Dr. appointments coming up, will be starting Therapeutic Riding soon, and continues to nod yes and no, wave hello and goodbye, knows her colors, body parts, gives kisses when asked, flip a light switch on and off when held up and asked, and my favorite...if you ask her to pretend like she's mad she fists her hands, holds them out in front of her, grits her teeth and shakes her head. She'll also do happy with a big smile and sad by putting her forehead on your shoulder. I love that little girl! She's so stinking cute!!
So, that's all for my new year's reap! Hopefully 2011 will be uneventful in my family!


Debbie said...

those are some wonderful and huge accomplishments...she is amazing!

Wishing you guys an uneventful new year!

MrsFought said...

Yay for Kendall!!!

Hope you have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Great photos - I mean y'all look great! And great communications from Kendall! Barbara

Cjengo said...

Great pictures and news

Reagan Leigh said...

Cute pics!! Amazing all the new things Kendall is doing! And in your "spare" time going back to school?!?! You are pretty amazing yourself!

Robin Soulant said...

Wishing the Briggs a Happy New Year! Such an adorable family!