Friday, January 14, 2011

Up For Air

This morning is hopefully the beginning of things getting back to normal around here. The last week has been an absolute whirlwind.
Last Saturday, Kamden was diagnosed with strep. And croup. And 10 year old attitude. He stayed home from school and that resulted in all of us in our pj's for a few days and a normal routine thrown out the window. He's much better now. I think in the past week, he's played at least 40 hours of video games and finished 5 long books. He tests for his Brown Belt in Karate next week and I swear the little boy that I've known is way too quickly turning into a young man. In good ways and challenging ones.
On Tuesday I received a call from Justin that his father (our beloved Poppy) was in the hospital. Apparently he collapsed at the dental office. When he fell he hit his head pretty badly, resulting in a fractured skull and two bleeds. They first took him by ambulance to a hospital in Denton, but then he was care flighted to a hospital in Plano. While in the ICU, they kept a close watch on him to make sure there wasn't any more bleeding. So far so good, but they are now trying to find out if the aneurysm caused the fall or the fall caused the bleeds. Either way, he's lucky he wasn't in the car, or at home by himself. There may be some issues with his heart, but they must resolve the brain stuff first. He's in a lot of pain, is very nauseous, but was up moving around yesterday. Please keep both him and Nonnie in your prayers. Hospital stays are exhausting and waiting for answers is unnerving.
Meanwhile...Justin had a trip to North Dakota, and within minutes of him returning home, Kendall woke up with a croupy cough. Justin stayed home and held down the fort with Kamden and the dogs (we are taking good care of Sadie, Nonnie and Poppy's dog until they return home) Thankfully, my dad went with us to the hospital. Kendall was swabbed for strep and flu. Both came back negative (but I'm pretty sure the culture will show strep by today.) Same old song and dance at the hospital. Racemic Epi treatments and steroids, and everybody freaking out about her insulin. (Ok, just me) The pump made it so much easier. I was able to increase her basal rate by 20% to cover the steroid for 24 hours with the touch of a button. It worked out really well. We're home now, and she sounds just as bad this morning as she did on Wednesday night. So....we may be heading back today. She's satting at 94%...but sounds REALLY miserable.
Things are settling down here. The dogs have only had one fight. Sadie (a Jack Russel) and Chloe (our lab) had a pretty good spat about food. Fur was shed and yelps were heard from miles away, but we successfully broke it up. While separating the two of them, I had to laugh when I returned to the kitchen to see Kendall smiling and Cooper who stayed out of the whole fight finishing the bowl of food! I swear we live in a zoo.
I've given up on sleep and am surviving on coffee and adrenaline this week...

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