Wednesday, August 24, 2011

School Days!




My babies have had a wonderful first few days of school.

Kamden loves the independence Intermediate school offers. He found his classes like a champ, mastered the lockers, and is enjoying making new friends from other schools. He's pretty easy going and not much phases him. The only concern I have is his inability to keep a binder organized! Hopefully this year will be the year he gets it together! But I won't hold my breath!

Kendall held a crayon on her first day of school and colored with it. She's even been particular about which color she uses. Monday they talked about blue, and she would only color with the blue crayon! Tuesday she picked the pink crayon when asked what color a pig should be colored! They do a "Random act of kindness" award, and Kendall received the first one. When the teacher told me, I thought someone did something nice for Kendall...but that wasn't the case. SHE did something nice for someone else! A little boy was crying and Kendall reached out and gave him a comforting "pat." I love that she's showing compassion at three years old! Her brother was the exact same way at that age. I am so proud of her.

Things are going really well. My classes start this Thursday, so all of us will be back to the grind. I do better under pressure, so I'm ready.

Sadly, Kendall's Physical Therapist is quitting. I can't even begin to tell you how upset this makes me, but like everything else in life, we carry on! Today we have an appointment at the Cook's Therapy Center near our house for an evaluation. This therapist was our first PT when Kendall was five months old before we started doing home health. I think going to a center will be a nice change for Kendall too. They have new equipment and other things to offer her that we don't have at home. The fact that the new facility is within a mile of our house makes it nice too!

More busy days ahead, but everyone is healthy and happy, so we welcome them.


Megan said...

Oh my goodness!!!! I havent checked my blog feeds in FOREVER and just signed in and saw this!!! Jocelyn is beautiful!!! and Kamden is so handsome!! They are growing up so fast!! I am just blown away!! I hope everything is going great for y'all~ you are such a sweet family!! Now I am off to catch up on your journey!
Give Jocelyn a big hug for me!!

Megan said...

Duh~ I just realized I wrote Jocelyn instead of Kendall!! Forgive me~ back to school brain!!!!

jocalyn said...

:) i knew what you meant!! great to hear from you. hope you're doing well!

Jennifer said...

Kendall's kindness made me tear up:-) So glad both kiddos had a good start!

Josh said...

I started school this week as well. financial accounting and statistical decision making. NOT as bad as they sound!

Val is back in school this week full time with 14 hours! she is in for it!

Miss you guys,

Anonymous said...

Center-based therapy does have a different benefit from home-based. Let us know how you both like it, eh?