Sunday, February 12, 2012

Daddy/Daughter Dance

Kendall and Daddy attended their first Daddy/Daughter dance on Friday night at Kendall's school.  They had a great time fast dancing, slow dancing, and eating cookies.  Kendall got a pretty rose, and she's all smiles when you bring up the evening. 

They must have had a blast.  And I can't wait to see the professional pictures!  Apparently Kendall's teacher was able to do the "mommy" thing and get her to smile in pictures.  I'm sure they're beautiful. 

While Kendall and Justin were at their outing, Kamden attended his monthly SibShop hosted by our hospital.  This month they went to an indoor water park and ate pizza.  When I walked him in to the center, I was amazed at how many friends he has in that group.  He calls them his "friends who get it."  I'm so grateful he's developing relationships with other kids who endure similar situations at home with their siblings.  And I'm thankful for the child life specialists who make the support group so fun. 

Kendall did go to the ER for croup last Tuesday, and we cancelled our video EEG.  We caught the croup early enough to avoid a racemic epi treatment and just give her a steroid.  Her sugars were over 300 all day Wednesday, but she was back to herself by Thursday morning.  Her little body is getting stronger.

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Terri said...

What a sweet picture of Kendall and her daddy! :)