Sunday, February 5, 2012

Kamden and Kendall

karate collage

My sweet boy did end up testing for his black belt on Saturday.  It was five long hours of intense physical and mental challenges.  Kamden impressed me so much by his will to keep going even though he was pushed to his limits.

When it came to the three on one sparring, the part we were most concerned about, he kicked some serious butt! 

I have to admit, the sparring was a little more than I could handle.  I'm not usually a yeller at sporting events, but when someone is attacking your baby, it brings out a side of you that you didn't know existed.  My adrenaline was rushing too for the entire five hours. 

Kamden broke his one inch pine boards like a champ.  (see the video below!)  And received his black belt that night at the Black Belt Extravaganza. 

This was a day he will surely remember forever, and I will too!


Kendall was there to support her brother too, and did amazingly well at the assembly.  She only started screaming in the middle when startled by some loud noises and clapping.  She's making progress in that area for sure.

Her procedure went very well last week.  The anesthesiologist was amazing.  She didn't need a breathing tube, so we were out of there in less than four hours without much recovery time. 

The news we got regarding the procedure itself was good.  She doesn't have a neurogenic bladder or reflux, and her voiding was relatively normal.  However; they did notice a lot of urine was stored in her bladder right off the bat.  (I thought he said 1000cc's but Justin seems to think that's not possible)  Anyway, our urologist called Friday to confirm that we are still not in the clear.  She has UTI's from storing urine, and we will need to begin catheterizing her daily.  Not every four hours, and we don't need to get a vesicostomy, but she will require catheterizing once a day.  So, not the best news, but also not the worst.  Justin and I will just add that skill to the long list of medical skills we never wanted to learn!

Thanks for all your comments and support last week.  We made it through relatively unscathed....well, with the exception of my two fever blisters and stye in my eye.  The kids are doing well!

BY THE WAY... my father just pointed out to me that Kamden is a lefty!  He practiced each board break with his left foot, and forgot to tell them he needed to use his left foot!  He did great with his right, but would have gotten it with his left the first time....just so ya know.

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Jennifer said...

That's some exciting stuff!!! Wow! And that is good news in the medical department.