Monday, May 14, 2012


Kendall is going through a stubborn phase.  This is definitely complicated by her lack of communication.  We have the PRC device at home now, but honestly, it isn't to the point were she can use it.  We aren't "permitted' to program it until she goes through the motions of demonstrating each skill independently.  I get that they don't want her to go too fast too soon, but "they" don't really spend enough time with my daughter to know what she's ready for...  And becuase of that, this is what a lot of our day looks like.  I originally took this video because I was so proud of her not giving up until she made her choice on her own.  She worked so incredibly hard to get this doll out of the drawer. I'm so thankful for the progress she's made.  But I do still get pretty pissed off that she has to wait for someone else to guess what she's thinking (and they'd better guess correctly) before she can have her choice.  And what if she wanted a choice not in the drawer?  Which is also a good possibility.  But that's just my guess.

Can't you just see the wheels turning in her head?


The Henrys said...

I remember having a very hard time with the school when we first got Gracie's device. The only thing that helped was getting private speech therapy with someone who knows about devices.

It isn't fair that she doesn't have a voice because she is definitely thinking a lot!

What would be so wrong with going quickly on the device if she is ready for it? If the school isn't seeing the progress that you are seeing at home, then maybe you could move at a faster pace at home, while they move more slowly.

I don't know if that helped. Good luck!

Holly said...

I love this SO much! Kendall is awesome in so many ways.

You know how I feel about the whole device thing :-) Hack that thing!

jocalyn said...

Thanks. To be clear, we do have outside private speech therapy once a week in addition to the small amount of time the school speech pathologist spends with her. Our district bought the Vantage for her, and the school SP has taken the lead from the contracted assistive technology person. *so we all have to wait for her to make changes to the device.
Our private SP has been working with Kendall for over a year on the iPad and Proloquo2go...which is definitely why she is where she is.
And to be fair to both...I could have grabbed the iPad and given her the choices that are programmed in it...but we have a mounting situation right now, or the "low tech" e-tran eye gaze thingy.
Basically, I need more hands in order for my child to talk :) Which sucks.

The Henrys said...
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The Henrys said...

Wow, thanks for filling me in. Sending lots of luck to you and Kendall!