Thursday, May 10, 2012



I have the word "breathe" above the door to my patio.  I often need the reminder...and the past few weeks I've needed it a lot.  Where to begin?

I finished up a pretty tough semester of school.  I had to take two trips to Austin and leave my family (and new puppy) in the hands of my husband.  He did remarkably well.  The house was a disaster, but everyone was alive and happy, so I shouldn't complain.  Going out of town twice in the last month really took its toll on me.  Just simple things like getting caught up on laundry, and helping Kamden finish up his science fair project seemed to take forever.  So, blah, blah, blah...I haven't had any time to blog.

Kendall's health is at a stand still right now.  That's a good thing.  We are still in a holding pattern with her bladder and hips.  I'm not naive.  I know there are some major things on the horizon, and as she gets older the  CP monster and whatever metabolic issues she does or doesn't have will affect her in a variety of negative ways.  But for now, we are living life day to day and enjoying the moment with her.

Last week I interviewed for a job.  It was something that just sort of came out of nowhere, and I really had peace about it.  I found out Monday that I did get the job, so I will be a working woman again in a few weeks.  (insert panic here.)  In retrospect, I should have agreed to start right away so I wouldn't have three weeks to talk myself out of it.  It's not the job, it's the guilt I'm already feeling about leaving Kendall during the day.  We still have a few nursing issues to work out for Fridays, but all in all I know she will be in good hands with our beloved nurse who's been with us forever and attends school with her, and my parents who will be filling in the gaps.  It won't be easy, but I can do it, and am looking forward to getting out into the world again.  My sweet Kamden will have an amazing summer too.  With some added income, he will be able to do some camps and activities I otherwise would have to say no to!  But everyone in our household's lives will be changing...and responsibilities will be added to all :)

The weather has been nice here lately.  Kendall got a new swing set which will soon include a platform swing and a bigger special needs swing with a pommel.  We have been spending a lot of time outside swinging, playing with our dogs, and swimming.  (all of Kendall's favorite things!)

IMAG0816 IMAG0801 IMAG0803 016


Reagan Leigh said...

Love that swim suit (and that smile)!!! And why does the puppy have a pacifier in its mouth?!?!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

I am glad that things are at a stand still medically, that is always good. I love the bathing suit pictures, Kendall has the most adorable lips. And then the last picture? I literally laughed out loud.

Amy Young said...

The dog with the pacifier was just hilarious. I was scrolling down thinking, "her daughter is so beautiful...she has Angeline Jolie lips!" and then BAM, a puppy with a paci! So funny!!!!