Saturday, May 12, 2012

Spring Showcase and Talent Show...My Boy.

Although this blog tends to focus mostly on Kendall Ann...there is definitely another ray of sunshine in my life. My dear, sweet, eleven year old boy. I'm not going to lie...this 5th grade year has been full of not turning in homework, (even though he's completed it and it's in his back back!) unorganized binders, missing curfew, slamming doors, talking back, and lots of pre-pubescent zoning out! But he is one of the dearest children I have ever met and I wouldn't change a thing about him!

Last weekend he performed his original song "Being Eleven", written out of eleven year old angst, and he made me very proud. My sister took the video on her phone, so the image isn't the greatest, but the sound is the same :)  You may have to pause the blog music at the bottom if it comes on first!


And then last night, we attended the 5th and 6th grade talent show where he performed "Wagon Wheel" in front of his peers, teachers, and their families. Again, the video isn't great, but I was so proud of his confidence and talent!

Kendall was in attendance at both events, but her daddy patiently walked her around and got her through her fears. For a child with a vision impairment and multiple disabilities, dark places with lots of sudden sounds and applause can be very frightening. But we continue to try. She always loves to hear her brother play guitar.

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becky said...

So stinking talented...go kamden!!