Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ho Hum

Well, I guess I should start off by saying I went back to the Dr. yesterday. My rash was worse. I knew the Dr. wouldn't know what was wrong. We went through the list of things I've eaten, etc. He ordered a strep test. I figured he was just trying to get his PM "push money" or spiff (If Dr.'s get those...don't thing they do though) on the test. So, I waited patiently and found out five minutes later, I do have strep. That's why the rash. He said my throat was really red. Funny, I was too pre-occupied with my uncontrollable itching to notice.

I immediately was worried about Kendall. Her strep test last week came back negative, but you know how strep can be... She had an appointment this morning for her immunizations. We never got them, because....no silly, she doesn't have strep. She has an ear-infection. So here we start on antibiotics.

Kendall still remains in the less than 3rd percentile on her head circumference. Its 16.25 inches. Normal size for ummm.... a 3 month old! She's 19 pounds and 30.5 inches long. Definitely long and lean taking after her daddy!

On another note...the Pediatrician said we could turn her car-seat around. She is in a big girl seat, but I still have it rear facing. I thought I read somewhere that when their head control is lacking, you should keep them rear facing? If any of you guys knows anything about car seats, please advise!

So we keep trucking as always. They will re-check her next Tuesday, but I think there is a strong possibility her surgery on the 6th will be postponed.

So, ho hum.


Holly said...

Happy Late Birthday Kendall!

Sorry bout the strep, that stinks. Hope you feel better soon!

We still have Caleigh's car seat rear-facing due to head control. Even though her legs are a little bent and cramped. It's easier to fix a broken leg than it would be to fix a broken head if there is a car wreck! Caleigh's almost 2. I've asked around and that seems to be the general advice.

Let me know when your better. We can even get together to go walking or something if everyone else can't make the 'lay date' :-)

Jessica said...

Ask my sister about the car seat thing....she knows ALL the rules about that, she is a car seat pro!!! Keeping my fingers crossed that you both start feeling better soon!!!