Thursday, April 16, 2009

Occupational Terrorist?!?!

Its been a crazy few days. Kamden stayed home from school on Tuesday and Wednesday. He's had a pretty bad cough and mild fever for a few days. He finally went to school today, but still has a nasty cough. On Tuesday evening Kendall developed a fever, but didn't have any symptoms. She seemed a little crabby, and the 102 fever took it all out of her. Justin took her to the Dr. this morning and they said she didn't have an ear infection and her throat looked Ok... so she may have just had a little virus. He said not to worry unless her fever continues. Tonight the fever is only 99 but she does seem to be developing a cough...I really hope the tough part is behind her...
Anyway, Wednesday Kendall had OT scheduled to come to the house early in the morning. I didn't have her phone number to cancel on Tuesday evening, so she showed up at our door early. Kam opened the door and yelled to me..."the therapy Dr. is here." I laughed and explained she was the Occupational Therapist who was going to help Kendall with her fine motor skills. We recently added OT, and this was only our 3rd time to work with her. I explained that Kendall was a little under the weather and apologized for not getting in touch with her. She insisted she stay and work with who was I to argue?? This OT is incredible. She got Kendall to hold two things together and pull them apart. Kamden was fascinated by everything. He went over the paper with me and all the exercises we should be doing with her. Tonight, he said "Mom, but the Occupational Terrorist said we should let her choose!" I laughed!
The above picture was taken tonight while Kendall and I played on the floor and Justin and Kamden played their video games. Nothing like family time on a Thursday night! (totally worth skipping the gym for!) Isn't she getting big? Time flies!


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Anonymous said...

I've been called worse. Ahem.

Most commonly, PT is referred to as Poop Therapy, because when people who don't walk much get up and walk, well, you know. hehe.


Cjengo said...

Awwww you have terrorists too. ha ha!