Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Never a Dull Moment

So, I've come to accept...finally...that nothing in my life is going to go as planned! Take tonight for instance. My beautiful, smart, loving, kind-spirited 8 year old had his debut in his school play. This role of "Cashew" was one that he practiced for, auditioned for, and was very excited to obtain. Out of 180 2nd graders, Kamden was the only one with 2 speaking parts, a solo, and dance routine. As he stepped onto the stage, my heart was beating a mile a minute. I was so nervous for him to speak on a microphone in front of so many people in an auditorium! (I know first hand how stressful that can be) Nervous mostly that he would freeze (like I did at cheer leading tryouts in the 9th grade) and forget his lines. Afraid that he would trip and fall (like I did at Homecoming in 10th grade) or start coughing uncontrollably (like I did at a business dinner at a fancy restaurant with customers a few years ago.) Clearly, my own experiences and negativity made me have a difficult time enjoying the program.
But that's not what happened.
No, my precious 8 year old didn't forget his lines. He didn't trip or cough. In fact, he prompted another little girl who wasn't where she was suppose to be to get where she was suppose to be, just like the little director he always is. He stood up there with confidence and enthusiasm and spoke clearly and slowly just as he had practiced.
You see Kamden, as I've mentioned before is an amazing child. He is very gifted. He does what most gifted kids do when they are not challenged. He gets bored. No, he didn't talk through the boring songs, or push the little girl next to him (as he had in pre-school.) He wasn't day dreaming to the point he missed his own part. Worse.
did something I didn't even know he did anymore....
He picked his nose for a really long time. Over and over again... for what seemed like a decade. I grabbed my sister's leg, begging for her to tell me my eyes were deceiving me. I looked around trying to make sure all the lit up video cameras were not capturing this....
But there he stood. All confident and in his own gifted world. Picking the heck out of his nose. You're probably thinking that's kinda funny. Well. It wasn't. Because not only did he pick his nose...
He also ate it.
Yep. He really did. And not just once. A bunch of times. I have absolutely no clue why. I guess I'll never know. Before I began my career in sales training, I was a 3rd grade teacher for 5 years. I loved every minute of it (except the pay.) But the one thing I don't miss is kids who pick their nose and eat it. It actually makes me gag. Seriously gag. And now, here's my son, doing just that in front of a packed auditorium.
So yet again, I raise my hands up in the air and ask...really? Really.
On a Kendall note, she's eating again. And I have my amazing friend Jill to thank for that. Jill's calling in life is child care. She runs a home day-care and also helps others in our city to become registered as well. She really knows her stuff when it comes to babies. She's helped me on more than one occasion with Kendall. And bless her giving, loving heart, she pureed strawberry banana smoothies and froze them in ice trays for Kendall today. She also made mashed potatoes. She dropped them off this evening and Kendall ate like a pro. She loved every bite. She was also able to take her medicine and only threw up once! Thank you soooo much Jill.
OK... hope you all have a great evening.

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Jessica said...

Ask Justin about eating his boogers as a kid.....so I won't be totally calling him out on his behavior, I will admit that I did it also. Together, we ate boogers, a lot. Until they told us that Santa wouldn't bring us any presents. You married a Briggs......you have all kinds of things that you too are now going to have to pay for. I'm so sorry!!!