Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Random Weekend...

We had a great weekend. I've been so busy with work...and so overwhelmed with was just nice to relax and spend time with my family and friends. On Friday my friend Jill (who I call Jules...a long story) came over after work for a glass of wine and some down time. I've mentioned before Jules has twin boys. I don't know how she does it! They are beautiful and healthy, but I can't even imagine how tired she must be through the week! She was holding Kendall and Kendall locked eyes with her for a good 15 seconds....not something Kendall does often! I was very proud. We painted her toenails again...and I also gave her a Lauren Conrad braid. (I've been known to sport the same braid on occasion but Kendall wears it better than'll have to look closely.)
Meanwhile, my boys (Kamden and Justin) left Friday afternoon for Oklahoma. They were eager to retrieve a camera out of a tree??!! or something like that. They were even more eager to look at the pictures when they returned home Friday evening. To my surprise this is what they discovered:
UM YEAH! Those are hogs. Wild hogs. Mean, ugly, scary, wild hogs. I think they eat people. My son is no longer allowed to run around out there. That is freaking scary. I wish I never looked at that picture. And as if that isn't scary enough...this is what they saw next:

THAT my friends is a chubacobra. If you don't know what it is, look it up. (although Justin thinks its a bobcat.) Either way...not something I want to run in to.
I don't like the wilderness. I like domesticated animals, but not wild ones. (by the way, I don't think you should shoot or hurt them either...I'm certain Justin and most of his family are rolling their eyes right about now.)
What I do like is sushi. Thankfully, Kendall, Kamden, and Justin do too. We went to dinner tonight to celebrate Kamden's green belt in Karate! Here's a picture of Kendall holding her chop sticks. She has gotten so good at going out to eat. We have carrying in her Special Tomato Chair and strapping it to the chair down to a science. We usually eat sushi at the same local place. We've been there hundreds of times. Tonight our waitress was one of the owners we've seen a bunch of times, but tonight she was infatuated with Kendall. At first we were smiling and laughing as she talked sweetly to her. Kamden was telling her all about Kendall, and I gave the short story. She left to get our drinks, then returned again to squat down and look at her. It went from sweet to just weird in like 10 seconds. Justin and I met eyes and I knew we were thinking the same thing. She kept sniffing her arms and moving her head and kissing her cheeks. She kept saying Kendall was going to be fine. She kept saying she was healthy. She kept blowing in my daughter's face. I really can't explain it. It was just weird. When we got up to leave she wanted to hold her and look at her again. SO weird. Anyway, I get irritated when people just stare at us, give us the sympathy look, ignore us, ask too many questions, or the most irritating of them all when they ask if she's sleeping. That's right. You really can't win with me. Its my problem, I know, but this was a first.

We swam a lot this weekend and did the usual weekend chores. Tomorrow, its back to the usual Monday routine. Ugh. I REALLY hope this work week goes better than the last....OK....since that's unlikely, how bout this: I REALLY hope my attitude and patience are improved from last week. And, I need to accept that there are just rotten, crummy, people out there who only care about themselves, and I shouldn't let their unhappiness ruin my day. Better?!


Jessica said...

WAY TO GO KAMDEN on earning your green belt!!!you are pretty sure the hogs eat people?!?!? That is soooo funny!!! Next time someone is stealing those cheeck kisses, you tell them to back off(those are all mine, lol!). I always say that God gave us instincs for a em! Kirby and I both get a creepy feeling from the man that lives behind us. He will stand at the fence and watch the kids. WEIRD!! I'm sure this is full of grammer and puncation eyes are like sandpiper! Lots of love and hugs to you all!!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the discomfort caused by the woman in the restaurant. I think I might prepare (even rehearse) something to say next "I'm not comfortable with you touching her." Simple. Direct. Non-accusatory.

But we think javelinas are neat - not that we want to be in their company.

Ha! A chubacobra?! Not believin' that seein'!

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