Sunday, June 7, 2009

Summer's Here

Just to let you know, this was the baby bird Thursday morning. Yep, she flew up in the tree. Not long after that, she flew up to the fence, and not long after that, she was gone! Thank God. I truly don't know what I would have done if that bird didn't make it!

I got into trouble by Justin for mentioning when he's out of town. I guess he's afraid someone will break into our house and kidnap us when he's not here with his handgun to protect us...ha! That person would probably take us back after about 5 minutes! Anyway, I can't mention it anymore, but I will say he was gone last week, and when he returned he just rolled his eyes at our bird situation, saying that's just what birds do. But I beg to differ. This was an exceptional bird that laughed in the face of adversity, and with strength and perseverance was able to beat the odds. So there. (Justin also criticizes my use of exclamation points!!! I do that for emphasis! Its a blog people, not a term paper! My sister likes to tell me when I misspell words too grrr...sorry I don't have my MBA from TCU, or a Bachelor of Journalism from Texas...)


The past few days have been crazy. Kam finished up his 2nd grade year. He was one of two kids on the A honor roll all year. (yes, I'm very proud!) We decided since there's a chance we may be starting ACTH soon, and that means this house will go into "lock down" to be germ free for Kendall, we'd have an end of the year pool party for Kamden's class ~WHAT was I thinking?

The kids had a great time, but since grandad is a sucky lifeguard I had to dive in after a younger child in my clothes, resulting in my cell phone being ruined. I have 320+ work numbers in that phone, so needless to say, Friday was a scramble to get it all figured out. But, I did! whew! Anyway, the same child had to be rescued by Justin about 5 minutes later. After that I made her wear a life jacket. Kendall enjoyed the day with her new shades!

We finally got the stander up and working. She seems to enjoy it, depending on her mood. It is going to be a great addition to her daily routine. It has wheels, so we can push it up to a window, take her outside or whatever. It gives her a new perspective (assuming she can see!)

Justin's cousin turned 40 yesterday so we attended a surprise party for him. The whole family was there. Kendall was held by her great grandfather for the first time. Of course, I forgot my camera, so I'll post pictures when they are e-mailed to me.
Here's a video I took this morning of Kamden putting on a concert for Kendall. Ignore the fact that he's in his underwear! He played in her room with her for about an hour. It was great. I finished the laundry!

We go to the Geneticist early tomorrow. Not exactly sure what she'll tell us, but it should be interesting. In the mean time, please keep Caleigh (Kendall's friend) in your prayers this week. She was admitted into Cooks last week, and we want them home soon!

Hope you all enjoy a great summer!


Jessica said...

You tell em!!!!!! I added some extra exlamation points just for Jussy!! I wish we could'va been there yesterday. I bet it was fun! The video is so sweet. You can't tell me that she doesn't see, she looks right at her big brother and just grins that grin that melts my heart! So so sweet! Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -ha, I couldn't resist!

Cjengo said...

LOL, first off if your blog has proper grammar, and perfect's not a blog, in my opinion. Blogs are about emotion, and letting others truly understand how you are feeling, how can you accomplish that without exclamation points?!?!? Also, I told Mike that is someone wants to break in based on my blog they need serious help. Do you guys have an alarm? Makes me feel a lil safer

Holly said...

Ahhh, Your so sweet!! We decided to throw in the ABR test today with Caleigh's scope!! I'm hoping we don't come out with a forehead hickey!! LOL!!

I had to quit talking about Eric's work schedule too. Oh, Well!!

Extra !! for Justin!!

I hope we get to see ya'll again before the med switch!!