Friday, December 17, 2010

Back to School

I always thought I'd get my master's degree in education...then life happened, I had Kamden, got busy with teaching, then I switched careers and wanted to get my MBA, then I had Kendall, and life happened again :)

So here I am staying home and definitely keeping busy with Kendall each day. I've had a file on my desk to apply for graduate school for about 3 years now. Well, I finally did it. I was accepted and even received some grants to help cover the cost.

I will be working toward my masters in special education from Texas Tech University...mostly online. Initially I wanted to just get my supplemental teaching certification to be a certified teacher of the Visually Impaired. But after talking to a few advisers, I decided I'd better commit to the whole thing if the certification was going to get me half-way to my master's degree anyway. And now it's official. I start classes in January :)

I certainly don't know what the future holds for my family, but the way I see it, the things I will learn will only help me help Kendall along the it's a win-win.

So it's back to school I go. Maybe it will be different this time around without the 5 nights a week fraternity parties and skipping classes. (sorry, mom and sent me to a private Christian University....what did you expect?!)


Anonymous said...

tryin out fo a skolaship!

Anonymous said...

So, my life is kind of backwards from yours, but I taught special education for 22 yrs and towards the end of it we started fostering too. Fast forward a couple of years and we are adopting our little one who happens to also have severe cp. The special educaiton background definitely has helped me in parenting our sweetie!


Debbie said...

you should be very proud of have been able to keep your dreams and desires alive in spite of the challenges of having a special child...that is awesome... and in the end will make you an even more incredible mom to your kids!
So many of us loose ourselves in this new normal...I need some lessons from YOU!!!!

Ashley said...

Best of luck to you! What a great thing for both you and Kendall and other children I'm sure you will touch along the way. What an awesome and inspiring person you are!

Cjengo said...

Wonderful! congrats.

K D said...

So cool! Congrats! Might as well have a degree for all the research you have undoubtedly done these last couple years!

Anonymous said...

You the woman!