Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Fun

Grandad comes over every day to read books and nursery rhymes with Kendall.

Her vision teachers brought a fun activity over and Kendall got to play in the snow!

Daddy gives Kendall rides on his shoulders every night and it returns huge belly laughs and squeals.

The hammock swing that sits in the MIDDLE of our living room still provides much entertainment to Kendall. (mostly because it is so hard for me to get her in it...she thinks that's pretty funny)

And the iPad which went kaput on Saturday and had to be replaced ( ended up being the outlet we were charging it from, but I got to spend 3 hours on Saturday night at the Apple store) is programmed with Christmas greetings and other things to say. And lots of Christmas music and stories.

This Christmas Kendall is enjoying so much more than she was last year. She's fascinated by the Christmas tree and grabbing ornaments from her kidwalk, and loves all the Christmas treats she's able to eat now.

We've had beautiful weather the past several days (in the 80's) so we've taken lots of walks and enjoyed talking about the "crunchy" leaves and nice breeze.

It helps that her sugars have been under control. She's much less irritable and the pump has really given us the freedom to feed her whatever we want off of our plates. We've even made a few ice cream runs during the day!
Leaving all the test results and doom and gloom attitude behind has certainly made room for lots of living! Every day is a gift around here. Kendall loves her visitors and enjoys having family and friends around (it just has to be on her turf!)
Her latest thing way of telling us she's overwhelmed is by pulling her hair and grabbing her glasses. It is driving me absolutely crazy. I didn't think she was going to have sensory issues since there's always chaos around our house with the dogs and kids around, but it's looking more and more like she might. ugh!
My mom is doing great and gaining her strength. She's been baking cookies the past few days and walking on her treadmill! Hearing her speak is music to my ears. She only has a little impediment which will surely go away after the swelling goes down. She's one tough cookie for sure!
We're excited to spend Christmas with our entire family, celebrating the year and each other.


Gilda said...

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas! Kendall looks great. So glad you are having good days.

Dixie said...

Love seeing all the pictures of your little angel!!

Anonymous said...

So happy for you! Merry Christmas!


Cjengo said...

Wonderful, Merry Christmas. Seems like things are flowing smoothly. Seems like it takes almost 3 yrs to get to that point huh? Have a wonderful holiday!!!