Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer Sick.


kam at gun range

Poor Kendall has been sick since Tuesday. She spiked a pretty high fever, her sugars were wacky, and she was extremely cranky. As always, high fevers combined with high blood sugars result in pretty nasty seizure activity. That makes me sad. And exhausted.

Turns out a UTI is the culpret. She gets them all the time, but her reflux contrast study and bladder ultrasounds don't show anything out of the ordinary. I guess little girls tend to get them more, especially when they are 3 and not potty trained, and sit with a pommel everywhere they go.

They were also concerned her throat was red. (I mean, what's a visit to the Dr. without a strep swab?!) I could be wrong, but I think her throat was red because she was screaming so much. Either way, she's on an antibiotic, and we are enduring the waiting game to find out if her urine grows cultures that require us to change up the medication, or if her strep test comes back positive.

She's mostly just groaning and looks miserable. But I'm sure she'll get better. Eventually.

Please keep her in your thoughts. Poor thing can't catch a break!


celia said...

I know that D-Mannose works really well for UTI's especially if they are recurrent ones. Antibiotics don't work half as well, well for me at least. I don't know if Kendal can have d-mannose (It is an extract from cranberries and coats the wall of the urinary tract so the bugs can't stick to it!) I always take some if i feel one starting and it goes away just like that!

best of luck

jocalyn said...

thanks...i just ordered some. hopefully this will help prevent them in the future!