Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Kendall will sleep through the night again.

Her g-button will not be infected.

I'll stop my gag reflex every time I use the decompression tube.

She'll hold her head up strong.

I won't hold my breath while waiting for a blood sugar or ketone result.

She'll get back to liking therapy.

And eating.

She'll drink from a sippy cup and enjoy it.

Justin and I will be able to spend time together alone.

Someday. Not today. But someday.

In the mean time, I will try to focus on the light at the end of this tunnel. There is one right?! I'm extremely claustrophobic....so there better be.

And on a totally random note, here's my son who has grown up these last 18 months way faster than I expected. (I haven't taken near enough pictures of him or his milestones. But I did this morning. He got dressed, ate his breakfast without prompting, and proceeded to brush is teeth...without a fight) I sure do love him a lot!!


Reagan Leigh said...

Thanks for your sweet comment. I know how you feel about waiting for someday...we're still waiting for it too! Now, I don't want to embarrass Kamden but WOW...what a gorgeous boy! You must be so proud!

Cjengo said...

He has grown up hasn't he?? I understand your wants and desires, but you realllllllly deserve them all!

Jennybell said...

we were upstairs making a bed the other day and my daughter was in her high chair near her brother in the dining room He was doing his homework. We heard him yell out "seizure" very calmly and I told my husband "that's pathetic" what 10 year old should have to announce his sisters seizures! and he's so used to it!
He also can get up, get his own breakfast, shower, brush his teeth and one bad day even got himself out the door and walked to school on time :( I feel like I'm only 1/2 a mom to him :(

Heather said...

Always,always hold fast to hope and someday.Believing in those two things is often half the battle.

*your son is darling.Beautiful baby blues!

Noah's Mom said...

Jocalyn, My name is Tricia and we follow your blog daily. My son Noah has several issues too and I swear you read my mind sometimes. There have been a couple of occasions I just wanted to "cut and paste" your posts to my blog. I cannot tell you how comforting it is to know that someone else is having the EXACT same feelings and some of the same issues. You really spoke to me the day of the" G-tube" blog (I had posted a very similar post very close to the same time) and the "not really fitting in anywhere" REALLY expressed so many of my same feelings. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and your honesty. I'm rooting for you guys! Kendall is such a little cutie pie!
Take Care,

Caroline said...

I hope for those things too!

Kamden sure is a heart breaker!

How is the lactic acidosis now?


Candace said...

Be of good cheer...she will do many of those things. The waiting is always the hard part.

Jessica said...

He is such a handsome little guy and a GREAT big brother! The waiting stinks but the payoff is always amazing....not that that makes the wait any easier. Love you guys!