Friday, November 13, 2009


We have had a super week. Kendall is back on a schedule. She's sleeping better, eating well, and getting closer to where she was a month ago before our hospital saga. Her g-button looks a ton better....granulation tissue definitely still there...but the irritation around it is better.

We have a huge week next week with multiple Dr.'s appointments and follow ups. We get her AFO's and should have her new stander very soon.

I've been very busy getting everything with our insurance worked out. I thought transitioning to Justin's insurance would be seamless. Its not! And when you're juggling an Endocrinologist, Ophthalmologist, Neurologist, Epileptologist, Hematologist, Geneticist, Physical Therapist, Speech Therapist, Orthopedist, Occupational Therapist (yeah, I like to write all of them, cause I'm proud I know how to spell each of them...and I'm still working on pronouncing them) and home health agencies, its a slightly difficult transition.

But, I have a very exciting event coming up!

Barring any unforeseen medical issues with Kendall (fingers crossed) My sister and I are going to the Train concerts next weekend. Not one, not two, but three! We're making a road trip to Austin Saturday night, then Houston Sunday night, then back to Dallas Monday night. I guess you could say we're big fans!! :) I'm quite fond of Uncle Kracker too...and he's touring with them.

Jimmy Stafford (pictured above) is probably the nicest guy in the world. My sister and I have met him before in Ft. Worth and in Vegas (back in the day!) Anyway, he told me he's very grateful his daughter is healthy and feels for my family. So, he offered to give Kristin and I tickets to the shows. We already had them, so he's going to leave us after show passes at will call under my name. Yeah, I'm cool like that. And totally excited.

This will be the first time I've left Kendall for a weekend since she's been born. And other than business trips, I haven't really ever been away from Justin for a weekend.

I can't wait for a dark hotel room to sleep in. And I'm very much looking forward to a sister bonding road trip!! I'll be kid free and Austin bound in a week. YAHOO!!

I'll leave you with a little TRAIN for your listening pleasure...


Cory said...

I have been following your blog for about a week and just saw your post today. Wow! This sounds so exciting for you! I am going to send many prayers for a healthy week for your little girl and a much needed break for you. I love how you typed each doctor out! That made me laugh because we have about that many specialists too and I get so excited over just knowing how to spell them :) I hope you have a great weekend. You are a great mom and deserve a great trip next week!

TMI Tara said...

I am so excited for you! 50% excited for you, 50% jealous :(

I adore Train's sound. I like Train & Uncle Cracker's latest hits... Soul Sister & Smile.

Did I mention I'm jealous? What a fun way to have GNO (THREE actually) with your sister! I can't wait to hear about your fun adventure!

Here's to a happy and healthy Kendall so mom can go have some much-needed fun! :)

Jessica said...

OHHHH...HOW FUN!!! Enjoy every second of it!!! Love you guys!!!

Candace said...

Ohhhhh Jocalyn I am so excited, living vicariously through you! Hubby and I saw them in Clemson SC a long time ago, the first time, some girls asked us to switch seats w/ them so they could sit together and we were like 5 rows from the front! Then me and my baby sister (who was 10 at the time) got to go to Freedom Wkend Aloft and see them outdoors. They shot confettie cannons into the crowd! We had the time of our lives! Her first concert and my favorite one! LLLLLLLLOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE Pat. M!!!!! Have lots of fun for me, too!

Rhea said...

That is awesome - you totally deserve a weekend away, especially with your sister. Have a great time!!!

Cjengo said...

HOORAY, I am excited you are getting away. Mike literally lost it last week, total breakdown. My aunt said she is coming in town to watch Jude for a weekend so we can get away, and you know what I said? THE SAME THING, "A dark hotel room". I am really really happy for you guys, I hope you have an amazing time!