Friday, November 6, 2009


I want to start off by honoring precious Gavin Owens this evening. I know know a lot of you have followed his family's blog and are feeling the same way I am right now. Deeply saddened. Throughout the day, I have had a constant lump in my throat. Tears have flowed uncontrollably, and though I never met this family in person, I feel I know them and share in their loss. Karen has always offered constant support and encouragement to me. I can't even begin to understand how they are feeling today. So I pray their hearts and souls find peace and comfort during this very difficult time.

Holly is organizing a condolence gift for the family. If you are interested in contributing, please contact her at

I am so thankful to all of you for your ideas and support regarding Kendall's button situation. I wish I could say it's better, but it's actually worse. The granulation that was burned off has grown back with a vengence. It is huge and spreading. I know it will get better, it just looks miserable right now.

You guys gave great suggestions. And actually, we have tried all of them! Holly brought a goodie bag by yesterday with the pink ointment, stomahesive, some fancy pads, and a bunch of I feel ready to wage war on this stinking granulation tissue. Thank you Holly.

Kendall was casted for her bilateral AFO's. We should be getting them in 2 weeks. Right around the time her stander should be in. And just in time for our loaner gait trainer from ECI.

Kendall is recovering from the trauma at the hospital. She's smiling more and laughing more each day. Her strength is slowly but surely returning.

Oh, and she had blood in her urine again. She was also running a fever last night and this morning. Please pray this isn't the beginning of yet another issue. Please, please, please!


Éimí said...

many prayers...I hope that your princess can fight off whatever is going on...:hugs

Cjengo said...

Many prayers for Gavin's family, just so sad.