Saturday, November 6, 2010


Don't let her cuteness fool you.

Kendall is cranky. And I am cranky because she is cranky. Some days she is so stinking high maintenance. The past two days have been perfect examples of this. She has to be held, read to, swung, or her latest favorite...playing house with her baby doll, ALL the time. I wish that she would just watch TV or entertain herself in some way. Just playing on a blanket with toys and scootching around would give a much needed break to everyone. As soon as she's left alone, she screams. She reaches up and grabs her hair by her ears and then screams louder because she's pulling her hair. It is making me crazy. When she is in her chair, she's fine. Good posture, looking around, singing. But as soon as you stop. It's all over. Same thing in the car. She actually yells "go" when we are at a stop light. So I go, and she stops screaming. It is Kendall's world. We just live in it. But it is VERY exhausting!


Reagan Leigh said...

It is hard to believe...she's always so smiley in the pictures! Believe me, I know all too well about living with a cranky child (although Reagan has gotten better...everyday used to be a cranky day)! Still, those bad days are really, really bad. Hang in there, she'll grow out of it...eventually!!

Karen Owens said...

hehehe. I love the feisty ones :)