Sunday, November 14, 2010

Evening Out

Justin and I happily dropped the kids off at Nonny and Poppy's on Saturday night, then headed downtown to enjoy an evening together. We had a very nice dinner and then went to a comedy club where we laughed our butts off. Our anniversary was last Thursday, so we were very happy to get out together and celebrate Justin's new promotion and our 4 years of marital bliss.

This week is a very, very, very busy week for us. Wednesday is the big day getting off the diet. We will spend a long time with the Diabetic Educators, Dr., and Nurse Practitioner formulating a plan for Kendall. She is getting her AFO's re-fitted, and we will also be demo-ing a Rifton Mobile Stander. Hopefully everything will continue to go as planned without any glitches. She's eating well, and seems to be even more alert than before.

My running buddy, Jill, and I are well on our way to completing our marathon December 5th. We did our last 18 mile run yesterday, and I recovered well. Now we begin to taper down mileage until the marathon. I have a small hip situation, and sore knees, but I feel pretty confident I will be able to complete it. I paid the gigantic entry fee last week, so I'd better be able to do it! (and before anybody chimes in about it benefiting Scottish Rite Hospital...please know they have denied Kendall services twice, so I'm a tiny bit bitter, but know they do amazing things for lots of kids! Just not mine....for now!) Either way, I'm running that stinking marathon one way or another this year!


Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful couple... love your blog... : )

Debbie said...

good for you...taking time for yourself...
I am certain those little moments of getting out with your husband, going running, is the therapy needed to re-charge the ole battery!!

good luck with the marathon!

Anonymous said...

Late happy anniversary! Marital bliss is well worth celebrating. We are celebrating today!

You the Woman! Running a marathon is an incredible feat! Take care of your hips and knees - you are going to need them for a few years more! ;)