Wednesday, March 2, 2011

MIBG scan


So, good news and bad news.

Kendall's echo results are in. Her heart is perfectly fine. That's the good news.

Bad news, her metanephrine levels are still they have scheduled a MIBG scan. Click the link for more information. I couldn't even begin to explain it. All I know is it is another test. One that will take up two days of our Spring Break, and also require me to give her nasty tasting drops by mouth daily. Good times ahead!

The Nephrologist is concerned about possible tumors on her kidneys. Pheochromocytoma to be exact.

I am not concerned. My gut tells me everything's fine...and this is just another thing to rule out.

So, that's what we will do.


Gilda said...

Hi, Jocalyn I like your attitude stay positive. Will be thinking about Kendall and keeping her in my prayers.

Debbie said...

always something...but I think a moms gut instinct is usually right...looking at the pics below...your kids are adorable!!!!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

I agree with Debbie - mom's instincts are usually spot on! I hope that the are in this case, and there is no evidence of tumors on her kidneys.