Thursday, May 5, 2011

Already Absent


Ho Hum. Kendall had a great first day of school. I was told the second day was even better.

She didn't have a fit until music therapy at the very end of the day. This is somewhat surprising to me since she does love music. She did very, very well when we had one on one music therapy last year. However; in the past two months or so, she has developed a huge fear of the guitar. Kamden has to practice in his room with the door closed. Even then she can hear it and freaks out. She also doesn't like groups of people singing or loud of the big reasons we haven't been to church!

It's hard to tell what is going to set her off. Somedays she's fine and surprises us, but other days a dog bark will send her into a downward spiral.

She had a runny nose on Tuesday but no fever, so we sent her to school. When I picked her up she had just had her fit, and had snot running down her poor little face. She cried the whole way to the car, but calmed down as we drove to pick up her brother.

Wednesday she woke up and her sugars were off the charts high, so we kept her home. I've been blaming the nose thing on allergies and praying it won't go to her chest. But the fact that her sugars were high made me think she could be fighting something.

Last night she woke up a bunch, and had a ginormous seizure this morning. It was different than normal. Lots of twitching from the right side and big jerks from the left. Very unnerving. I was too tired to video it, and just laid there holding her after her emergency meds until it subsided...45 minutes later. I HATE SEIZURES. Her last one was exactly one week ago.

She's back to herself this morning. I'm planning to follow her lead about school today. It is field day, so our plan was to just drop in for a little while and let her visit with her friends. (I really like the way that sounds!)

So, she's ruined her perfect attendance already! By the way, this is also another reason I think we should be able to use our nursing agency...that way when Kendall's out sick (which will likely be a lot) the district wouldn't have to pay someone to be there the whole week! Just saying.


Reagan Leigh said...

Oh no! I hate to hear that she's not feeling well (and had a huge seizure...yuck)!!! And she's been doing so well! I sure hope she doesn't continue to pick up junk from school! That's exactly why Reagan can't attend!

Team Carter Jay said...

Praying that you don't see a seizure like that for awhile. She's darling!