Sunday, May 1, 2011

Gearing Up!

It is a very cold, rainy, lazy day around here. Justin is sick. The kids are just hanging around playing video games, listening to music, and relaxing.

I've spent the last few hours getting organized for Kendall to start school tomorrow. There has been such a build up for this day...I feel a little sick about it.

I promise I won't be that mom who hovers around the classroom and can't say goodbye. I think it's healthy and wonderful for kids to go to school! I have complete trust in everyone who will be interacting with Kendall. I know this is for the best.

I know she will love it. Maybe not the first day, or second, or tenth. And I would not be surprised to hear that she cries the entire time tomorrow. But eventually she will love it, and I know that.

Her outfit is picked out. Her lunch is packed. Her medications are labeled and organized. Her emergency stash of feeding bags, tubes, Glucagon, Diastat, and Klonnopin are ready to go. Her back pack is stocked with a change of clothes, diapers, gloves, anti-bacterial hand sanitizer.

We are totally prepared.

But how do I prepare myself for the longest afternoon of my life?


Karen said...

I enjoy reading about your journey. My advice on how to prepare for the longest afternoon tomorrow?


Jennifer said...

You'll do fine. Everyday it gets a little easier. Pretty soon--once Kendall lets you know how happy she is--you'll get to the point where you'll love and appreciate those few hours alone to regroup and focus on you for a bit. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow!